Thursday, May 31, 2012

Next time before we judge...

A sister wearing hijab might struggle with performing her salaah on time, a sister who never misses a salaah and prays fardh, sunnah and nafil might have trouble wearing hijab in public, a sister who wears a lot of make-up might have memorised juz amma and a sister who wears niqab might be struggling to learn to read Quran with tajweed. Truth is we are ALL struggling with something or another, no body is perfect yet people seem to think a person who dresses a certain way or looks a certain way is more pious than another, or should be… Next time before we judge a book by it's cover let us look at ourselves and remember only Allah knows what someones intentions are and what is in a person's heart. Make du’ah for ALL struggling with an aspect of Islam, remember 70 excuses for your fellow Muslim, don’t judge and look down at them…for ALLAH might forgive their ignorance, but not your arrogance

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Identify Your Marital Problem

Identify Your Marital Problem On Saturday –May 19, 2012, Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb commenced a special series of discourses on Marital problems &solutions at Rockdale Muaadh Ibn Jabal Jamaat Khana,Westville-Durban. Alhamdulillah,the gathering was very well attended and the women appreciated every bit of the advises. Hazrat stated that he has 18 years of experience with marriage related issues and he felt the information he has is a trust and he had to share the experiences so that: 1. Broken marriages can be made up. 2. Stabilize troubled marriages. 3. Bring prosperity in happy marriages. 4. Serve as an eye opener for the unmarried. Hazrat commenced his talk by expounding on the power of the union between the husband and wife. Billions of human beings are the consequence of just one couple, Adam (Alayhis Salaam) and Hawa (Alayhas Salaam). You too are special and could be a mother of a nation.Dont look at yourself as just one person. You are a foundation of a future unknown nation. Mufti Saheb further stated that a troubled marriage comes with grief, depression and even leads one to question the decree of Allah (azza wajal). He expounded on some examples of marital disputes referred to in Al Quran and Hadith. Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam and the sahabah were human beings. They lived family lives and also experienced challenges in their family lives.We study their challenges and seek solutions from their experiences. The purpose of marriage is Sukoon(peace).The two arms of which are-Love and compassion. Mufti Saheb further explained that a Human being is a composition of opposites. ~The right eye and left eye. ~The right ear and left ear. ~The head on top and the feet at the bottom. But there is a unique co-operation between these opposites. When the right eye is sore, the left eye takes the strain. When the foot is sore, the head feels the discomfort. Similarly,how can there be cooperation between two opposites-Male(Husband) and Female(Wife) who hail from different families and diverse backgrounds? Every two things put together need an agent. Two bricks need cement. Two papers need glue. What can cement and glue the husband and wife? All these issues are covered in the talk. The talks on this topic will continue for the next two weeks.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

On Hijaab...

Nobel Peace Prize winner "Tawakkul Karman," 'The mother of Yemen's revolution,' when asked about her Hijab by journalists and how it is not proportionate with her level of intellect and education, replied: “Man in early times was almost naked, and as his intellect evolved he started wearing clothes. What I am today and what I’m wearing represents the highest level of thought and civilisation that man has achieved, and is not regressive. It’s the removal of clothes again that is a regression back to the ancient times.'' What an inspiration...I know of no one who could have said it better!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Discovery - Marshallah

A Non Muslim scientist proved we are more electrically charged now than ever before; Due to the electromagnetic radiations from the things around us like: Mobiles; TV; AC and Microwaves etc, & if we don’t want this radiation to harm us,we should place our forehead on the floor more than once a day, as the earth has the tendency to absorb radiation. It is also proven that it’s more effective when your forehead is placed on the sand!We Muslims put our heads down on Earth more than 34 times daily in Prayer Subhaan’Allah! There is always wisdom behind Allah Almighty’s commandments. SO???? “Which of the favours of your Lord will you deny”? (Surah Rahman) IF THIS INSPIRED YOU, PLEASE PASS IT ON TO OTHERS!