Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Followers of Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)

THE FOLLOWERS OF THE PROPHET’s (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) BLISS
By Sh Aa’idh Al-Qarni
Our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) came to all people with a heavenly message. He was not driven by worldly ambitions, He had no treasure from which to spend, no splendid gardens from which to eat and no castle in which to live in.
Despite all of this, his loving followers pledged allegiance to him and remained steadfast. enduring a hard life full of difficulties. They were few and weak, always in fear of being uprooted by those surrounding them. and yet they loved the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) wholly and completely.
They were deprived of their homes, country, families and wealth. They were driven out from the playing fields of their childhood and from the homes in which they were raised. Despite all of this suffering they loved him unequivocally. The believers faced trials because of his message. The very ground under them was shaken violently. and yet their love for him continued to grow.
So, why did they love him and why were they so happy with him? Why did they forget the pain, the suffering and the hardship that resulted from following him?
To put it simply, he epitomized benevolence and righteousness. They perceived in him all the signs of truth and purity. He was a symbol for those who sought out higher things, With his tenderness he cooled the rancor from the hearts of the people, with words of truth he soothed their chests and with his message he filled their souls with peace.
Courtesy Radio Islam

Monday, February 13, 2017

Every Mum should read this!

Mummy’s boy, you are now a man.

Tomorrow you will have a new mother, a new cook and a new person to share all your secrets with. It will no longer be me but her. 

Love your new mum even more than you love me. Before you walk into her arms forever, let me give you some words to guide you.

There was a day I was arguing with your father. We were screaming, Tempers were high. I was angry and He was angry. Then I called him an idiot! He was shocked. He looked at me asking how dare I call him that, immediately started calling him idiot, fool, stupid, crazy, I called him all sort of name.

Guess what he did? He didn’t raise his hands to hit me. He just walked away, banging the door as he went out.

My Son, If your father had hit me and destroyed my eyes, how will you feel sitting here with me today? How will you regard him as your father?

Would you have been proud of him or would you be blaming me for calling him names?
*Never hit your wife! No matter the provocation just walk away and things will be normal.

Whenever she offends you, think of this story I just told you, it could have been your mum!*
After he left, I was filled with guilt. We slept on same bed that night and I went to him the next day. 

I pleaded with him, I did all I could to show am sorry and he forgave me. That day I cooked his favourite food. After that day, I never called him names, my respect for him was ten times stronger.

There is something very important you must always do, my son listen very carefully, defend your wife. When she is under pressure, stand by her. If your friends hates her, it is your duty to make them see her as a Queen. Your Uncle, I mean Uncle Yusuf, never liked me. But your father was always supportive until his perception changed.

There was a day your Father was going to host the owner of his company and friends. They were three of them. That day I was in the kitchen cooking for them and your father went to buy drinks.
When the table was set and food was served. Everyone started eating. Then Iremembered I did not add salt in the food. I was embarrassed. 

Your father tasted the food and looked at me. He immediately turned to the guests. He told them that he instructed his wife last month not to add salt whenever she is cooking because of some problem with his body.

He said it in a funny way and everyone laughed! The guests understood and he asked me to bring salt and everyone added according to their taste. He managed to eat the food without salt.
After the guest left, he went on his knees and asked God to forgive him for lying.

Your wife is like a baby, sometimes she don’t know what to say or do. Stand up and speak for her! Sometimes, read your wife and understand her. Make it a habit to go anywhere with your wife. Beside your job, move around with her. If anyone invite you to his house and told you not to come with your wife then be very careful.

Use wisdom…I know you love mummy… I know you will tell me all your problems. But now things will be different. Let your wife be the first to know before me. Let her be the first to see before me. When you have problems with her don’t run to me immediately.  Wait for a day to pass and then talk to her about it. Pray about it.

Report her to nobody but talk issues out within yourself. Finally, don’t forget to come and visit me with your wife every month! I know you will have a happy home. 

You will always be mummy’s boy. 
Love Mummy
PS I did not write this, if any one knows who did please let me know so I can credit the author appropriately, plagiarism is an offense to any writer and I wish to give due where it is needed


Friday, February 10, 2017

Am I Losing Focus..?

Am I Losing Focus..?

The newly wed can't spend time away from each other...I remember the days I couldn't sleep if he wasn't home, I couldn't eat if he hadn't eaten...Even in a family gathering my heart wouldn't rest if i couldn't catch a glimpse of him...My husband was the centre of my world...

My happiness, my better half and then it all changed...Well, in a good way.

After a few years we were blessed with a beautiful baby. We were ecstatic! Our home was now warmer filled with giggles, lots more love and light...Oh, not forgetting late nights, diapers, sleepless nights, feeding through the night, needing a bath at 1am because you got spewed all over... and just as you were about to finally place your head down the sound of poop vibrated the cot next to you...

Yup motherhood is awesome but comes with the extra jihaad of self-subservience that comes so naturally Subhan'Allah... The initial days were tough. My world centred around my baby. Did I feed her? Is she ok? Does she need a change? Am I good enough? I have to do more... and then just as the days began to ease up, we were blessed with the shocking news of another baby... I was pregnant. ..AGAIN!

In so many ways do destiny took its cause and we were blessed with a baby girl... Shukr to Allah!

2 babies crying at night... 2 diapers to change... 2 small mouths to feed, 2 babies to care for to worry about... and yet I myself - am coming to terms with my bloated body... not bathing till 11pm... not cooking... not giving myself time...

I got many visitors who came to see mainly who the babies look like... then came along a good friend one day who spoke words hard to hear yet deep and so important. She too had babies although not as close as mines... yet she had her hands full non the less. She told me she did't realize it but through the months and years that passed she had invested her love and dedication to her girls... and as she was seated beside her husband and got up to tend to yet another chore, her husband sorrowfully mourned..."I don't matter anymore..."
At first I was annoyed with her advice and continued my way of a dedicated mum...but I didn't realize I had imprisoned myself between between my babies and just needing desperate sleep...I had indeed neglected my husband (not intentionally thought yet somehow I had)... My better half, My companion.

He was isolated coming home to a tired wife and leaving home from a tired wife... I didn't realize my neglect of him eventually made him neglectful to me too...

This is my message is for every mum out there... Allah (swt) gifts us our children however we should never forget the one who has more rights over us...Our Husband

  • Its tough in the start but how will he ever know if you dont sit with him and speak?
  • How will your husband be able to understand you without subtle  communication? 
When we complain about being tired, it tends to annoy them... Men tend to be sensitive to the complaining voice...

We lose ourselves in our duties but Allah (swt) has instructed our duties towards the husband... Not as an obligation nor a chore... but to maintain that muwadda and to protect that rahmah that Allah (swt) has blessed us.

Don't neglect your husband... even if its just a final cup of tea at the end of the day... or a light innocent conversation for at least half an hour each evening...

A walk in the garden holding hands or just sitting beside him thankfully and lovingly... To make him happy and to please our Creator.

Men can be our biggest babies and they will always need respect, time, love and attention. 

One day, the children will be grown up and we may be left alone with our faithful friend, Aameen...

We may get caught up in our work but they are still the same husband who still needs you... and you need him too. So build the relationship. Remember that happiness and joy comes only from our Creator
May Allah make us mindful of our Husbands - Aameen

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Upon your Demise ~ Death A stark reality

The reality of death is that once you're gone people will mourn for a day or two.
Regardless of how much they loved you in your lifetime they will eventually move on with their own lives.
The loss they felt at your passing will eventually fade. You'll cease to occupy their endless thoughts and you will become but a memory.

They'll initially pray for you but in time they will think of you less and pray for you less until they cease praying for you; either through forgetfulness or through their own death.
We can't rely on others to be there to pray for us. We have no guarantee that anyone will be around to pray for us. That's why we need to do good deeds for ourselves. Whatever good you can do now, do it because in your grave you'll have only your deeds with you.

Like we make provisions when we go on a trip, so too should we make provisions for our ultimate trip. In our graves and in death we'll be alone and that is a reality.
May Allah (swt) make us mindful of our final destination, Aameen!

Monday, February 06, 2017

Etiquette of Visiting

As Salaamu Alaikum
Etiquette of Visiting
Visiting our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters when they are ill, in distress or after a tragedy is an excellent deed.

The Prophet said: "The dearest of people to Allah, may He be exalted, is the one who does most benefit to people, and the dearest of deeds to Allah, may He be exalted, is joy that you bring to a Muslim, or relieving him of distress, or paying off debt for him, or dispelling his hunger. And to walk with a brother to meet his needs is dearer to me than observing i‘tikaaf in this mosque – meaning the mosque of Madinah – for a month.”

However there is a certain etiquette that we have to adhere to when visiting. Below listed are a few pertinent points to keep in mind:

*If the person is ill do not stay too long and be an inconvenience to them
*If they are sleeping don't wake them up, nor should you go into the room.
*Be patient if they take a while to open the door. Bear in mind that the females in the house probably walk around the house without their hijaab and need to put it on before they open the door. Also bear in mind that it sometimes takes a while to find the keys.
*If your host has served you refreshments do not refuse it. Someone went to the trouble of making tea/pouring juice and setting a plate for you.
*Don't ask nosy questions
*Don't make panchaat. Offer condolences, pray for the person and leave.
*If you are visiting the family of the deceased, pray for the deceased while there (make dhikr, read a para of Quraan, read a Yaseen, anything) don't just go there to eat
*How their house looks inside is not fodder for the panchaat (gossip) people. Understand that Allah has gifted/tested us all in different ways.
*If they serve you food don't sit and talk at the table, eat and get up so that others can too. Bear in mind that the family probably didn't eat yet and are probably hungry. It's not your kitchen table where you can converse long after you've eaten.
May Allah (swt) make us mindful of these etiquettes, Aameen