Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Upon your Demise ~ Death A stark reality

The reality of death is that once you're gone people will mourn for a day or two.
Regardless of how much they loved you in your lifetime they will eventually move on with their own lives.
The loss they felt at your passing will eventually fade. You'll cease to occupy their endless thoughts and you will become but a memory.

They'll initially pray for you but in time they will think of you less and pray for you less until they cease praying for you; either through forgetfulness or through their own death.
We can't rely on others to be there to pray for us. We have no guarantee that anyone will be around to pray for us. That's why we need to do good deeds for ourselves. Whatever good you can do now, do it because in your grave you'll have only your deeds with you.

Like we make provisions when we go on a trip, so too should we make provisions for our ultimate trip. In our graves and in death we'll be alone and that is a reality.
May Allah (swt) make us mindful of our final destination, Aameen!

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