Monday, September 03, 2012

On having pride...

this is truly an eye-opener...Ponder over the beginning and the end of your creation. You were born from a drop of dirty sperm. Thereafter you passed through many phases of your life until you have reached this position.

Daily you expel urine and stool from your body. Also think of your condition after your death. The worms of the grave will consume your entire body. Can such a person still have pride?

It is mentioned in a Hadith that a person who has a miniscule of pride will never enter Jannah. Takabbur means to regard yourself as great and to look down at others. The cure for this is to ponder over death before sleeping. Think that it is your last night in this world. Do you have any rights of people that are not fulfilled? Is there anyone who you have hurt in any way and have not yet asked them for forgiveness?

Then imagine the malaaikah taking control of your life. They are about to snatch it away. Commence reciting the kalimah as though you are preparing for your last moments. (In this way you will be cured from pride).