Friday, October 31, 2008

My Dua'a...

Our Dua'a for you and your family is that Allah (saw)....

Takes you under His wing and that He eases your pain, That He makes light your heart,That He accepts all your supplications, That He accepts your righteous efforts, That He draws you close to Him.

That He protects you and sustains you, That He grants you success in this world and in the Hereafter, That He saves you from the torment of the Qabr as well as the fire and on that day of which there is no doubt. May He enrols you amongst the righteous, the Sahabi and Nabi Muhammed (S.A.W), Aameen

That He places you in the shade of His Arsh and that He gives you the honour of drinking from the well of Kauthar from the hands of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W) That He allows you to enter Jannat-ul-Firdowse from whichever door you please and that Inshallah, He grants us the Believing Ummah of our Beloved Nabi Muhammed (S.A.W) the same....Aameen

Kindly Remember The Ummah of Nabi (S.A.W), the sick, weak, oppressed, our Marhoomeen as well family & I in your supplications...

Jummah Mubarak

Thursday, October 30, 2008


this is really amazing .. perfect to have at work ....

A Mujahid's letter To His Wife

I received this by Way of e-mail from cousin Ma'riyyah in Canada with her accompanying words:

Such an inspiring and touching letter... ;(

No Haraam love letter or story can ever compare.. Please add this to your blog its a reminder that nothing can compare to the love put by Allah (swt) in a person's heart for another and that what a better sacrifice could be more rewarding..................... and *ahem* to show all the men out there how real love letters should be written ;)

Word of Note - this made me tear somewhat!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dedicated to my Princess

You never complained when you knew we would have nothing.

You were content on having what little you needed.

Where others would have left or moaned you never once let out a sigh.

You understood what was written was what we would eat.

I never once complained about what was put in front of me

as I knew it was your hands that brought it to me.

When I had nothing I had you.

We smiled as we saw the destruction around us knowing that these people were not true.

You never felt sympathy towards the enemy.

You put your trust in your Rubb and in turn you followed me.

Never did I have to wonder about you as my secrets, my honour and my Deen were safe with you.

We both know what hardships you faced just by being with me, but not a word did you speak.

You were strong and in turn you made me strong.

Like a vanguard for this Ummah you concealed yourself.

Where others would rush to please their desires, you were the essence of Taqwa.

Life was easy with you it came so naturally.

You were the extension of me and would never need to finish my words as who knew me better than you?

You knew your place, which was by my side.

It's the little things that make the person and you would have easily have kept me going for a lifetime.

The way you would look at me with fire in your eyes showed me that I was the only one for you.

You stole my heart and hid it away.

I loved your jealousy.

I loved to tease you with the thought of others just so I could know how dear I was to you.

What chance did Shaytaan have when you would ensure that Fajr was the easiest of the Salaahs.

I loved that you would forsake me in an instant to fast a voluntary fast.

I loved that the Haqq was dearer to you than my life and those of our jewels

Watching you makes me laugh as I wonder if my heart will ever want another as I watch you feed my child, as you lift her out of the bath, as you wipe her little nose and the face she makes.

You will never find a diamond in the hands of the poor in the same way our diamond deserves to be carried in your hands.

We could have it all my love but who sells Paradise for an hour of passing pleasure?

Not us.

I chose you Umme Romana'ah as I know our fruits are safe with you.

Never would I have to worry about where the loyalties of my babies are.

They will love what we love they will love Allah Most Glorified Most High, they will Love the Prophets and the best of Companions, They will love those who they have never met but will long to meet.

They will love those better then us.

They will live to honour one statement - La illaha illallah Muhammadur RasoolAllah

Others will fall under the weight of it but not them.

Their hearts will beat it, their words testify to it and their hands carry it.

Dont think I left you.

Dont think that in this world anything is dearer to me then the minute that I walk home knowing what waits for me behind closed doors.

I went to find a better place for us. I went to fulfil the best of deals.

I saw it written that if you give your life then eternity will be ours.

I saw it written somewhere that this was all a test and I have no doubt that one who promises us and whose word is truth must love me very much as he gave me you and you were the hardest thing to give up.

They say the mind cannot comprehend what awaits us, that sadness will be forgotten, and they say that the eye has yet to see and the ear has yet to hear the beauties that await us in our new home.

They say Rivers of Honey my love, they say Rivers of Milk, they say Rivers of Wine. They say Pearls and Gold Thrones, they say Musk and Cool Breezes.

Is it not fitting that I go to see this land afar to take you and our children?

I fear that the gates of opportunity will close behind me my love.

I fear others will hear what I hear and rush there and I will have nothing to offer you.

I know you will send our sons to look for their father.

Tell them that they will find me in every battle, in every fight where the black flag is flown.

Tell them that the pain will be a pinch and then they will see what I see.

Tell them Green Birds wish to meet them.

Tell the Angels will call them by the best of names and most of all that Allah The One The Eternal will be pleased with them.

I told you once that only 2 things will have me. You and death.

My life was with you but now I must marry again.

I must marry what was promised to me the moment I was born.

I must marry my fate and in turn I must marry death.

After death will come reckoning and if I stand with the best of creation.

I will with the permission of Allah Lord of the Heavens and the Earth beg for you.

None was worthy to stand next to me in this life, so why is it I should desire another in the next?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The truth behind MXIT's logo


I received this as an e-mail from a colleague, I'm not sure if there is any truth in this...
Have a look, you decide & share your views with me..........

(Allah written in Bukra arabic font)

Dear brothers and sisters

Our Imaan is at stake. Mxit created by a Jew who is using this logo to spite all muslims
Would we give up Islam 4 the sake of Mxit??

Haven't figured out what the other two symbols are or could mean, but the highlighted symbol looks very much like the hebrew number 2

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Etiquettes in Islam - Points to Ponder


A friend sent this to me, I thought its worth sharing....

  1. Always make Salaam (“AsSalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh) whenever you enter or leave your home.
  2. Respectfully stand whenever you see your parents approaching.
  3. At least once daily, try to forgive your Islamic Brothers and Sisters as well as your own family.
  4. Always keep your voice lowered in the presence of your parents.
  5. Complete any duties your parents set for you immediately (except if they are against Shari’ah).
  6. Address your mother / father, family and friends (and even newly born child) with utmost respect.
  7. Make it a habit of sleeping early after Salaat-tul-Esha. [Ameer Ahle Sunnat says: ‘How I wish you would wake up for Tahajjud or at least early enough to read Salaat-tul-Fajr (with Jama’at) so that laziness does not occur at work].
  8. If there is laziness in reading Salaah at home or laziness in Hijaab, or if there is interest in watching movies / sitcoms/ soapies, or listening to music, instead of arguing with family members, make them agree to listen to one of Ameer AhleSunnat’s Bayanaat (lectures), or read one of Ameer AhleSunnat’s Rasaail. (Booklets), Inshallah Azzawajal, through it’s blessings you would see a transformation within yourself and home.
  9. Remove from yourself the habit of getting angry, getting irritated and rebuking others etc.
  10. Make Dua'a for the betterment of your family’s worldly life and that of the Hereafter, as Dua'a is the weapon of the Believer.

May Allah (swt) grant us the ability to act upon these, Aameen

Abdur Rahman IBN Awf RA

He was one of the first eight persons to accept Islam. He was one of the ten persons (al-Asharatu-l Mubashshirin) who were assured of entering Paradise. He was one of the six persons chosen by Umar RA to form the council of Shura to choose the Khalifah after his death. His name in Jahiliyyah days was Abu Amr. But when he accepted Islam the noble Prophet Sallallahu Alyhi Wa Sallam called him Abdur-Rahman - the servant of the Beneficent Lord. Abdur-Rahman became a Muslim before the Prophet Sallallahu Alyhi Wa Sallam entered the house of al-Arqam. In fact it is said that he accepted Islam only two days after Abu Bakr as-Siddiq did so.

Abdur-Rahman did not escape the punishment which the early Muslims suffered at the hands of the Quraysh. He bore this punishment with steadfastness as they did. He remained firm as they did. And when they were compelled to leave Makkah for Abyssinia because of the continuous and unbearable persecution, Abdur-Rahman also went. He returned to Makkah when it was rumoured that conditions for the Muslims had improved but, when these rumors proved to be false, he left again for Abyssinia on a second Hijra. From Makkah once again he made the Hijra to Madinah.

Abdur-Rahman distinguished himself in both the battles of Badr and Uhud. At Uhud he remained firm throughout and suffered more than twenty wounds some of them deep and severe. Even so, his physical jihad was matched by his Jihad with his wealth. Once the Prophet Sallallahu Alyhi Wa Sallam was preparing to dispatch an expeditionary force. He summoned his companions and said: "Contribute Sadaqah for I want to dispatch an expedition." Abdur-Rahman went to his house and quickly returned. "O Messenger of Allah," he said, "I have four thousand (Dinars). I give two thousand as a Qardh (loan) to my Lord and two thousand I leave for my family."

When the Prophet, peace be on him, passed away, Abdur-Rahman took on the responsibility of looking after the needs of his family, the Ummahaat al-Muminin. He would go with them wherever they wanted to and he even performed Hajj with them to ensure that all their needs were met. This is a sign of the trust and confidence which he enjoyed on the part of the Prophet Sallallahu Alyhi Wa Sallam's family.

Abdur-Rahman's support for the Muslims and the Prophet Sallallahu Alyhi Wa Sallam's wives in particular was well-known. Once he sold a piece of land for forty thousand Dinars and he distributed the entire amount among the Banu Zahrah (the relatives of the Prophet Sallallahu Alyhi Wa Sallam's mother Aminah), the poor among the Muslims and the Prophet Sallallahu Alyhi Wa Sallam's wives. When Aisha RA received some of this money she asked: "Who has sent this money?" and was told it was Abdur-Rahman, whereupon she said: "The Messenger of Allah Peace Be Upon Him said: No one will feel compassion towards you after I die except the Sabirin (those who are patient and resolute)."

He earned much wealth but he never remained attached to it for its own sake and he did not allow it to corrupt him. Abdur-Rahman's generosity did not stop. He continued giving with both his hands, secretly and openly. Some of the figures mentioned are truly astounding: forty thousand Dirhams of silver, forty thousand Dinars of gold, two hundred Awqiyyah of gold, five hundred horses to Mujahidin setting out in the path of Allah and one thousand five hundred camels to another group of Mujahidin, four hundred Dinars of gold to the survivors of Badr and a large legacy to the Ummahaat al Muminin and the list goes on.

Source: Radio Islam News Letter

Monday, October 27, 2008

House Work

Housework was a woman's job, but one evening, Aadila arrived home
from work to find her children bathed, a load of laundry in the washer and another in the dryer. Dinner was on the stove and the table set. She was astonished!

It turns out that Ridwaan had read an article that said, 'Wives who work full-time
and had to do their own housework were too tired to make love'.

The night went very well. The next
day, she told her close friends all about it. 'We had a great dinner. Ridwaan even cleaned up the kitchen. He helped the kids do their homework, folded all the laundry and put it away. I really enjoyed the evening.'

'But what about afterward?' asked her friends.

'Oh, that ... Ridwaan was too tired..'

The Story of Dajjal

The Story of Dajjal
Narrated by Tameem al-Daari Radhi Allahu Anhu

Faatimah bint Qays Radhi Allahu Anha narrates: Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam completed the Salaah and sat on the mimbar.
He was smiling and he said: "Let each person remain where he had performed Salaah." Then he said: "Do you know why I called you together?"
The Sahabah replied: "Allah and His messenger know best."

Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said: "By Allah, I did not call you together for any recommendation or for a warning. I have called you together because Tameem al-Daari was a Christian and he came, swore allegiance and became Muslim, and told me something which conforms with what I had told you about the Dajjaal. He told me that he sailed in a ship with thirty men of Lakhm and Judhaam and they were tossed by the waves of the sea for a month. Then they arrived at an island just as the sun was setting. They boarded a small rowing-boat and reached the island. They were met by a beast whose body was covered by so much of hair that they could not distinguish his front from his back.
They said: ‘Woe to you, what are you?’
It said: ‘I am al-Jassaasah.’
They asked: ‘What is al-Jassaasah?’
It said: 'O people, go to this man in the monastery for he is keen to know about you.’

The narrator says: 'When it took the name of a man before us we were afraid that it might be a Shaitaan (devil) so we quickly left until we entered the monastery, where we found the biggest man we had ever seen. He was bound strongly in chains. His hands were tied to his neck and his legs bound from the knees to the ankles with iron chains.

We said: ‘Woe to you, who are you?’
He said: ‘You will soon find out about me. Tell me who you are.’
They replied: ‘We are Arabs who had set sail on a ship, but the sea became wild and the waves tossed us about for one month. Then they brought us to this island of yours. We used rowing-boats and landed on this island. We were met by a beast with a great deal of hair. He was so hairy that his front could not be made out from his back. We said: 'Woe to you, what are you?' It said: 'I am al-Jassaasah.' We said: 'What is al-Jassaasah?' It said: 'Go to this man in the monastery for he is keen to know about you.' So we came rushing to you and we fled from it because we could not be sure that it was not a devil.’
He (the chained person) asked: ‘Tell me about the date-palms of Baysaan.’
We said: ‘What would you like to know about them?’
He said: ‘I am asking you whether these trees bear fruit.’
We said: ‘Yes.’
He said: ‘Soon they will not bear fruit.’
He then said: ‘Tell me about the lake of Tabariyyah’
We said: ‘What would you like to know about it?’
He said: ‘Is there water in it?’
They said: ‘There is a great deal of water in it.’
He said: ‘Soon it will dry up.’
Then he said: ‘Tell me about the spring of Zughar (which is in the south of Syria).’
They said: ‘What would you like to know about it?’
He said: ‘Is there water in the spring and do the people grow crops with the water of the spring?’
We said to him: ‘Yes, there is plenty of water in it and the people grow crops with its water.’
He said: ‘Tell me about the Prophet from the unlettered. What has he done?’
We said: ‘He has left Makkah and has settled in Yathrib (Madinah).’
He said: ‘Do the Arabs fight against him?’
We said: ‘Yes.’
He said: ‘How did he deal with them?’

We told him that he had prevailed over the Arabs in his vicinity and they had become obedient to him.
He said to us: ‘Has that really happened to them?’
We said: ‘Yes.’
He said: ‘If this is so then it is better for them that they show obedience to him. Now I will tell you about myself. I am the Dajjaal and soon I will be given permission to emerge. I will come out and travel in the land, and will I not leave any town without staying for forty nights, except Makkah and Taybah (Madinah). These are both forbidden to me. Each time I will try to enter one of them, I will be confronted by an angel with a sword in his hand, who will stop me from entering. On every route towards each of these two cities there will be angels guarding it.’

Faatimah Bint Qais says: Then the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam struck the minbar with his staff and said: "This is Taybah, this is Taybah, this is Taybah," meaning Madinah. "Did I not tell you this before?"
The Sahabah answered: 'Yes.'
The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said: "I liked the story of Tameem because it conforms with what I had told you about him and about Makkah and Madinah. Beware, he is in the Syrian Sea or the Yemeni Sea. No, rather he is in the east, he in the east, he is in the east," and he pointed towards the east with his hand. (Sahih Muslim)

Source: Muslims@Work


"There is a group of Allah's angels who move about the streets
searching for the people who mention Allah Ta'ala name. When they find a
group of people doing that, they cover that group with their wings right up to the sky."

When these angels return to the heavens,

Allah Ta'ala asks : "What were My Servants saying?"

The Angels : "They were describing Your holiness and greatness, and were busy praising and
glorifying You".

Allah Ta'ala then asks : "Have they seen Me?"

The angels : "By Allah! They have not seen You."

Allah Ta'ala says : "What would they have done if they could see me?"
The angels reply : "They would then be even more busy in their worship,
glorification, and praise."

Then Allah Ta'ala asks : "What did they want from Me?"

The angels reply : "They asked You for Jannah (Heaven)."

Allah Ta'ala says : "Have they seen it?"
The Angels : "No, by You! They have not seen it."
Allah Ta'ala says : "What would they have done if they had seen it?"
The angels answer : "Had they seen it, they would desire it more eagerly,
and would work harder to deserve it."

Allah Ta'ala asks : "From what thing did they want Me to protect them?"
The angels answer : "They wanted to be protected from Hell."
Allah Ta'ala says : "Have they seen it?"
The Angel answer : "No, by You! They have not seen it."

Allah Ta'ala says : "What would they have done if they had seen it?"
The angels answer : "Had they seen it, they would have feared it and run
from it even more."

Then Allah Ta'ala says : "Be My witnesses: I have forgiven them!"
One of the angels then says : "But among them was a person who is not one of them. He had simply come for something he needed."

Allah Ta'ala says : "I have forgiven him too, just because he happened to sit with them. Anyone who sits with those people will not be a loser."

(Sahih Bukhari Volume 8:417)

Global Pink Hijab Day

October is the month of breast cancer awareness, and with that in mind, I want you all to consider wearing a pink scarf this October 29th in solidarity and support of the women batteling this horrible cancer.

Passionately pink for breast cancer

Issued by: CANSA Go passionately pink for October and keep cancer survivors close to your heart. This is the message from the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) for its awareness campaigns in October, which is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The pink ribbon is an international symbol for breast cancer awareness. Many South Africans wear pink or pink items such as pins and ribbons in order to show their support for the cancer cause.
The Pink hijab day initiative started in North America, but this year we can make it an international event. Breast cancer is an issue that can affect all of us, so lets fight it. No matter where in the world you are, put your pink scarf on October the 29th.

This year's Global Pink Hijab Day is being held on Wednesday October 29th. For those not familar with the initiative, the day is "intended to initiate dialogue and shatter stereotypes of Muslim women and their Islamic headscarves or Hijab, as well as raise breast cancer awareness".

So on Wednesday 29 October, put on your pink scarf.

Dr Nafisa Vawda
084 578 6013

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dua'a for the Day

It is reported of 'Ali bin 'Abi Tãlib that someone who was indebted came to him and said: I am unable to pay my debt so help me. He said: Shall I not teach you a few words the Messenger of Allah taught me, if you had the like of a mountain (Seerin) of debt Allah would fulfil it on your behalf?

Say: 'Allãhumma kfinee bihalãlika `an harãmika, wa 'aghninee bifadhlika ` amman siwãka.. O' my 'ilãh make me with what You have made lawful needless of what You have made unlawful, and make me with your benevolence independent of all others.

And he would say: Your forefather (speaking to the two) used to solicit protection for Isma`eel and Ishãq with this supplication.

Jummah Mubarak

"The last entrant to Paradise would be a man who walks once and stumbles once and be burnt by the fire once. When he gets beyond it, he will turn to it and say: ''Blessed is He who has saved me from you and has given me what He gave nobody in the earlier or later times.'' Then a tree would be raised up for him.

So he will say: ‘O my Lord! Bring me closer to this tree so that I may take shelter in its shade and drink from its water.’ Allah (swt) would say: "O son of Adam! If I grant you this, you will demand Me something else." He will say: No, my Lord. He promised that he would ask for nothing else. His Lord would excuse him because He sees that the man would not have patience over it. So He will make him near it. Then he will take shelter in its shade and drink its water. Afterwards, a tree more beautiful than the first would be raised up before him. ‘O my Lord! Bring me closer to this tree so that I may take shelter in its shade and drink from its water. I shall not ask you of anything other than that.’ Allah will say: "O son of Adam! Did you not promise Me that you would not ask Me for anything else". He will reply: ‘Probably I shall ask for nothing if you bring me near it.’ And he promised Him that he would not ask Him for anything else. His Lord would excuse him because He knows that he would not keep his word. Anyhow, He would bring him near to the tree.

The man will take shelter in its shade and drink its water. Then a tree more beautiful than the first two would be raised up at the gate of Paradise. He will say: ‘O Lord! Please make me near to this tree so that I may enjoy its shade and drink its water.’ I shall not ask You anything else. His Lord would excuse him as the temptation of which he could not resist. So He will make him near this tree. When He would bring him near it, he would hear voices of the inhabitants of Paradise. He would say: ‘O my Lord! Admit me to it.’ Allah would say: "O son of Adam! What will bring an end to your demands to Me? Will it please you if I give you the (whole) world and a similar one along with it?" The man will say: Are you mocking at me, though you are the Lord of the worlds?"

Narrating this Hadith ibn Masud (ra) laughed and asked (the hearers): ‘Why don’t you ask me what I am laughing at.’ They said: ‘Why do you laugh?’ He (ra) said: ‘In the same way Allah’s Messenger (saw) also laughed when he said this hadith, and (the companions) asked: ‘Why do you laugh, O Messenger of Allah?’ He replied: "On account of the laughter of the Lord of the worlds when the desirous of Paradise said: Are you Mocking at me though you are the Lord of the worlds? At this, Allah will remark: I am not mocking at you, but I am All-Capable to do whatever I wish." Reported by Muslim

Kindly remember the Ummah of Nabi (saw), the sick and oppressed as well as my family & I in your Dua'as, likewise we will do the same, Inshallah

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Draft Letter

Draft Letter to Bank

Dear Sirs,

In view of what seems to be happening internationally with banks at the moment, I was wondering if you could advise me on the following matter:

If one of my cheques is returned marked 'insufficient funds,' how do I know whether that refers to me or to you?


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Small Deeds that reap great rewards

Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam ) said:"Zikr causes houses to be built in Jannat by the angels .When zikr is stopped , the angels also stop construction of his houses.When asked why a particular construction was stopped by the angels ,they reply:`The construction had to be stopped because funds for it were stopped`.

(Fazaail Zikr ,Chapter 1,Hadith no. 64)

Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam )said:"Is there nobody amongst you who may be able to do daily, good deeds equal to the Mount uhud?"

The Sahaba (Radiyallahu Anhum ) said :"O Rasulullah !who has the strength to do so ?"Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam said :"Everybody has the strength to do so."The Sahaba (radiyallahu Anhum ) enquired how is it possible ?"Nabi (sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) explaied :The reward of reciting "Subhaanallah "is greater than Uhud,That of "Laa ilaaha illallah " is greather then Uhud and that of "Allahu Akbar " is greater than Uhud ." (Kabir )

Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam ) said :
"Recite "Subhanallah "one hundred times (x100) and you will attain a reward as if you have set free one hundred Arab Slaves;recite "Alhamdulillah " one hundred times(x100), which will give u a reward of presenting a hundred horses,fully equipped ,for Jihad;recite 'Allahu Akbar 'One hundred times(x100), which will reward you as if you sacrificied a hundred camels for the sake of Allah and recite 'Laa ilaaha illallah" one hundred times(x100),the reward of which will fill the whole space between the earth and sky .There is no other commendable action that can surpass it ."

(Ahmed - Nasai)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Muslim Response Unit

In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. All Praise is to Allah Lord of the Worlds
Peace and salutations on our beloved Prophet Muhammed SAW. His Family, Companions and Ummah at large.

The Muslim Response Unit (MRU) - Dedicated to Serving & Uniting the Ummah in South Africa, is an organisation that intends to make a difference in our communities, by meeting and overcoming the challenges and evils that the Muslim community, is faced with. The organization intends to empower and uplift the community.

The aims of the association is to assist the community at large with problems relating to, but not confined or limited to the following:

Arranging transport for the sick, elderly or disabled to doctors and hospitals,
Assistance with funerals,
Security and facilitation at Muslim gatherings
Child abuse, domestic violence and drug abuse.
Rescue and Relief efforts ranging from winter hampers, feeding schemes, food hampers etc.
Charitable and Fund-Raising drives to assist with disaster relief efforts,
Assisting the needy in raising funds for Medical Operations or requirements.
The raising of funds for the building of Mosques and Jamaat Khaanas,
Islamic e-learning,
Revert Class Co-ordination,
Dawah initiatives to squatter camps and rural areas,
Aids awareness,
Assistance, advice and collection & distribution of funds in communities
Emergency Medical Assistance
Emergency Neighborhood Response
Road side Assistance
Missing children – search & rescue
Out of town? Lost? MRU to the rescue

With support groups such as Know Islam and Islamic Propagation and Dawah centre, we intend to use their facilities and incorporate them for the benefit of the Muslim Ummah.

In order to unite the Ummah, in this venture, we have dedicated and selfless individuals such as attorneys, advocates, doctors, paramedics, businessmen and professionals who have rendered their services and wish to serve for the pleasure of ALLAH SWT alone.

This noble venture was first informally established in 2005 when brothers from KnowIslam noticed the need for this type of response on our roads, grave sites, homes & Masjids. Witnessing the evils in and around our Muslim societies that had plagued every Muslim home and person. With the increase of violence, senseless killings, drugs and drug addicts, woman and child abuse and unfortunate accidents, we decided to initiate and drive this project in the following areas:

Community policing forums;
Medical Emergency Units (Mobile); - paramedics
Neighbourhood Response Units (Mobile);
Youth development; Youth care, truancy
Family Support Forums;
Woman and child abuse support Forums.
24/7 Response units
Tow services
Mechanic on call
Hearse & funeral services
Safe havens for abused women & children


In order for MRU to be effective, communication is key. We will endeavour to place a 2 way radio in every community.

A proposed working example is as follows:
Brother XXXXX will have a 2 way radio and he will be linked up to everyone else. He will be responsible for bringing on 3 other brothers who will work & respond with him.
Sister YYYY will also have 3 other sisters responding with her providing support to our sisters.

Once a call is made on any 2 way radio the MRU will be set in motion. We will mobilise our units and get the best possible response to that community. This service is available 24x7 at no charge.

A family has been living in a particular community and has no food to eat. An appeal on the 2 way radio from Eldos or Lenasia will be made for food. All units will respond and speak to their friends, family, local Imaam, local grocery store and rally around collecting food. All units will meet & provide the food to this family & evaluate what can be done for them in the long term.

As all membership is primarily on a Volunteers basis, all Volunteers and members will complete a Volunteer Form with a copy of his/her Identification Document for screening purposes as well as an Indemnity form.

Although we had and may have many obstacles to overcome the wheels have been set in motion and , it is now our task to carry out this great responsibility ,actively participate and establish a system for Muslims by Muslims uniting every Muslim, home, business and community for a single purpose, and setting aside all barriers, age, sex, colour or creed.

In conclusion, the nature of the operation is to supply a great need within the Islamic community by providing services to alleviate and eradicate social evils as well as uplifting the community by providing life skills to both young and old. It is our hope that this project reaches epic proportions only by the Grace of Allah.

We humbly request that you the reader accept our call to this noble course and assist us in the best manner possible. Should you feel that you would be able to assist us in any manner possible please feel free to contact KnowIslam and offer your support.

Funds are needed to activate this unit in your area. Please feel free to forward this email & donate to:
(Association incorporated under Section 21 – NON PROFIT) Registration no 2007/008333/08
ACCOUNT NO 62155939328

Ref. MRU

Jazaka Allah khair
The team @ Know Islam

Uthman RA

Uthman RA said that he was surprised at the conduct of a person:
Who knows the world to be transient, [and still] loves it;
Who knows death to be certain, yet does not take it seriously;
Who believes in hell, [but still] commits sin;
Who believes in the existence of God, [but who nevertheless] seeks assistance from others,
Who is aware of paradise, [but is nonetheless] engaged in worldly pleasures;
Who knows Satan to be his enemy, [and still] obeys [the] dictates [of Satan].
Who believes in predestination, [but still] feels aggrieved with what happens;
Who knows that accounts [are] to be rendered on the day of resurrectionb [but even so] hoards wealth.


Source Radio Islam Newsletter

Friday, October 10, 2008

Jummah Mubarak


Jummah Mubarak to you & your familes!

If Yesterday didn't end up the way u planned..

Just remember...Allah (swt) created today for YOU to start a new one...

Don't limit yourself
Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do

You can go as far as you mind lets you

What you believe, you can achieve!

Kindly remember the Ummah of Nabi (Sallahu Alayhi Wasallam), the sick, our Marhoomeen as well as my family and I in your Dua'as, likewise we will do the same, Jazakallah

Take care and have a Blessed Day of Jummah!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I simply love cupcakes :) YummY!

I got this from a friend via e-mail...does anyone know who makes these kinda one's???

Monday, October 06, 2008

Zainab Radhi Allahu Anha

Zainab Radhi Allahu Anha
The Daughter of Nabi Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam

Zainab Radhi Allahu Anha was the daughter of Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam from his first wife, Khadija Radhi Allahu Anha. Zainab Radhi Allahu Anha was married to Abul Aas Ibn Rab'i. Abul Aas was a wealthy trader and businessman of Makkah and Khadija Radhi Allahu Anha was his maternal aunt. Zainab and Abul Aas had been married before the dawn of prophethood. Zainab had then accepted Islam but Abul Aas remained a disbeliever. In the battle of Badr, Abu Aas fought on the side of the Qureish. He was taken captive by the Muslims and brought to Madinah. As it was decided that the captives would be released on payment of a ransom, Zainab Radhi Allahu Anha sent some wealth as ransom which included a necklace given to her by her mother, Khadija Radhi Allahu Anha. When Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam saw the necklace, compassion overtook him and he asked the Sahabah if they were willing to return the necklace to Zainab Radhi Allahu Anha and return Abul Aas without payment of a ranson. They agreed. Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam instructed Abul Aas to allow Zainab Radhi Allahu Anha to come to him in Madinah in return for his freedom. He agreed.

When he reached Makkah, Abul Aas allowed Zainab Radhi Allahu Anha to leave Makkah. As Zainab Radhi Allahu Anha set out for Madinah she was stopped by the Qureish. A spear was thrown at her by Habbaar Ibn Aswad and she fell from her conveyance causing her to bleed severely. She was pregnant at the time and this led to a miscarriage. She never recovered from her wound and finally passed away during the 8th year of Hijri in Madinah. Nabi Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam entered her grave in great sadness and sorrow. When he emerged he appeared pleased. He explained : "I remembered Zainab and her weakness and I asked Allah to make it easy for her in the grave. My request was granted."

Habbaar Ibn Aswad came to Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam during the conquest of Makkah. He was from amongst those who the Muslim army had been commanded to kill. As he entered the gathering of Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam a Sahabi wanted to attack him but Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam commanded the Sahabi not to do so. Habbaar then addressed Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam : "Peace be upon you, O Prophet of Allah. I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship but Allah and I bear witness that Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is the prophet of Allah. I had fled from you, intending to join up with another tribe but I remembered your kindness to family and your forgiveness to those who were ignorant of you. O Prophet of Allah, we were a nation steeped in disbelief, but Allah guided us and saved us from destruction through you. Please pardon my ignorance and the harm I have inflicted upon you. I confess my evil action and I admit to my sin."

Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam replied : "I have forgiven you. Allah has surely been kind to you by guiding you to Islam."


Numerous incidents of this nature show that Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam was very forgiving and merciful. He overlooked the harm people had done to him despite the magnitude. To forgive an enemy who has harmed one physically and emotionally is no easy task. Ask yourself : Would you be prepared to forgive the murderer of your daughter the moment he shows remorse? This is what Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam did. Without doubt, as the Quran mentions, Nabi Sallallahu Alaihis Sallam was Rahmatul lil Aalameen - 'a mercy to all creation'.

References :

1. Al-Isaabah
2. Ar-Rawdhul Unf
3. Al-Istiaab
4. Usd al-Ghaabah
Courtesy Muslims At Work

Friday, October 03, 2008

Another Jummah Dawns

On this Blessed Day of Jummah, I make Dua'a for each of you ~
May the Almighty put Barakah (Blessing) and Noor (Light) and Acceptance in everything we say and we do, Aameen

May Allah (swt) guide us to the straight path, may Allah (swt) give us Light, Basira (vision), Wisdom, Comprehension, Understanding, Sincerity, Truthfulness, and the ability to see what's right and what's wrong, Aameen

May Allah (swt) bless our parents and Give health to everyone, May Allah (swt) unite all the Ummah of Nabi (SAW), May He give us the ability remove enmity towards each other, May Allah (swt) make this world a better place for our family, ourselves and our children, May Allah (swt) keep us in the straight path and May He give us the opportunity to die as a Muslim with Imaan and give us best of the best in the Aakirah....Aameen

May Allah (swt) Bless you all and may He turn all your noble thoughts, feelings, wishes and desires into reality. May He also endow you with a very long, happy, healthy and a fruitful life as He guides you on the path that He wishes us to travel upon. Aameen ..........

O' Allah Forgive all of us and guide us onto the path of Sirat-um'Mustuqeem.

Jummah Mubarak!

Live simply, expect little, give much. Fill your life with love. Scatter sunshine. Forget self, think of others..........Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company..........