Thursday, October 09, 2008


I simply love cupcakes :) YummY!

I got this from a friend via e-mail...does anyone know who makes these kinda one's???


Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

From what I can tell, one's based in Durban, and the other in Mooi River (I stand to be corrected)

Zahera said...

Yummmyy! I love making fairy cakes! Probably cos its the only thing i can make quite well! looll- although im quite boring with mine. I just put choc chips in.
I love how people decorate cupcakes- i think im gona have to try this.

M Junaid said...

cupcakes are like us - when we remove the icing we realise that we are all the same underneath.

I love the Woollies range (but I dont like saying that because it makes me a comformitist of sorts

I want to make coca cola flavoured cupcakes.

Im guessing you like pink cupcakes the best?

Princess said...

@ Saaleha, thank you for the info

@ Zahera - will you make me some, cos I can't bake, unless its to heat and warm and bake a pizza / pie! Otherwise its a no go for me :)

@ MJ - I love any kind of cupcakes or fairy cales as they are now called! Are the woolies one's Halaal? Last time I heard (I stand to be corrected) their bakery products were not. Hmm pink cupcakes / blue cupcakes any kind is good lol :)

Zahera said...

Whaaa... youre a South African and you dont/cant bake?!?! Blasphemous :-P LOOLL.. whats with South Africans and baking anyway? They make me feel so inadequate *sniff*

Youre in JOBURG! ssoo yaayy making you fairy cakes is do-able inshaAllah :-D

I wana make these pretty ones with flowers and different colour icing. For eid, my little sis in law made a ludo cake with smarties :-) was so cute mashaAllah

Woolworths products are not halaal. I should know i was craving choc muffins :-( theyve got vanillin in them. Only the butter croissants and the english muffins are ok. Thats my understanding anyway.

Princess said...

Zahera, some people are just gifted in baking so I leave it to the experts lol. I can cook but baking is not my thing :) I can make a mean choc cake & scones(compliments to mummy's recipe).
Biscuits are something else.

That's why they have people who do bake and the bakery LOL!!

I found out that the e butter croissants & the scones are okay to have the rest is not Halaal...

KiLLa said...

did u click on NOTICES on my blog..

Someone makes these..

Like really..

She stays down the street from me.. (last i checked)