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POLL ON HEADSCARVES - Please vote and pass on to your contacts

The Sunday Times website has a poll running on whether or not Muslim women should be allowed to wear a head scarf when going through SA passport control.
People are voting no! Please vote YES

Please vote yes!!

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When asked about her Hijab by Journalists and how it is not proportionate with her level of intellect and education, she replied:

“Man in the early times was almost naked, and as his intellect evolved he started wearing clothes. What I am today and what I’m wearing represents the highest level of thought and civilization that man has achieved, and is not regressive. It’s the removal of clothes again that is regressive back to ancient times” – Noble Laurette from Yemen, Tawakul Karman

Friday, January 27, 2012

How Fortunate are we??

Assalaamu ‘alaykum

As human beings we forever complaining, never make shukr for what we have.

Especially here in ZA, we are so lucky that Muslims are recognised, we have Masjids that we can pray our five daily Salaah & Halaal Certified Food is easily accessible, shukran to organisations like the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa, SANHA & other Muslim Jamaats for their efforts.

I have just come back from Warsaw, Poland & it’s sad that I could not come across Masjid or hardly met Muslims. By co-incidence I met one Muslim man who was intrigued to meet a South African Muslim with a beard & he was overwhelmed. When I enquired about a Masjid, he said he reads his everyday Salaah at home with his family and for Jummah they have to travel over a few 100km's to the closet Masjid.

Shukr to Allah we have many Masjids in every city & town in South Africa.

May Allah grant us the taufeeq to make shukr & may Islam grow further in South Africa as well in every other country in the world, Aameen.

May Allah give us all Hidaayah & keep us steadfast on Deen! Aameen.


I Want to Wear Hijaab....But....

I Want to Wear Hijaab....But....

All praise is due to Allah ta'aala as is deserved by His Majesty and Great Power. I send prayers and ask for blessings upon His Noble Messenger who drew the path for us to the pleasure of Allah and His Jannah. This path is a straight one that is surrounded by virtue from all sides and attends to the best moral characteristics which are increased by the clothing of purity, concealment, and chastity. It is the path trod by the two halves of human society, namely the man and the woman, toward harmonious contentment and happiness in this life and the Hereafter.

This is precisely why the Protector, the blessed and above all imperfection, has made wearing hijaab an obligation upon the woman as a safeguard of her chastity and protection of her honour and sign of her faith (Eemaan). It is on account of this that societies (both Muslim and non-Muslim) that have distanced themselves from the way of Allah and deviated from His straight path, are ill societies in need of treatment that will lead them to recovery and happiness.

Among the pictures that point to the distance of society from that path and that make clear the level of its deviation and separation from it is the open spread of women making a display of their beauty. We find that this is manifested regretfully, in Islamic (Muslim) society despite that Islamic clothing is also widespread. So then, what are the reasons that have led to this digression?

We put this question to a varied group of women from whom we derived ten major excuses and upon examination and scrutiny, the frailty of the excuses became evident to us.

Stay with us dear Muslim sister in these few lines so that we can know through them the reasons for turning away from the hijaab and then discuss each.

Excuse One: I'm not yet convinced (of the necessity) of hijaab.

We then ask this sister two questions.:

One: Is she truly convinced of the correctness of the religion of Islam? The natural answer is: Yes she is convinced for she responds "Laa ilaaha illallah!" (There is no god but Allah), meaning she is convinced of the faith, and then she says: "Muhammadun rasoolullah!"sharee'ah). Therefore, she is convinced of Islam as a belief system and a law by which one governs and rules their life. (Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah), meaning by that that she is convinced of its legislation or law)

Two: Is the hijaab then a part of Islamic Law (sharee'ah) and an obligation? If this sister is honest and sincere in her intention and has looked into the issue as one who truly wants to know the truth her answer could only be: ‘Yes’. For Allah ta'aala, Whose deity (Uloohiyyah) she believes in has commanded wearing hijaab in His Book (Al-Qur'aan) and the noble Prophet ('alaihi salaat wa salaam) whose message she believes in has commanded wearing the hijaab.

What do we call a person who says they believe in and are content with the correctness of Islam but who nonetheless does not do what Allah or His Messenger have ordered? Certainly they can in no way be described as those whom Allah speaks of in following verse: {The only saying of the faithful believers when they are called to Allah and His Messenger to judge between them is that they say 'we hear and obey' and such are the successful.} [Soorah An-Noor 24:51]

In summary: If this sister is convinced of Islam, how then can she not be convinced of its orders?

Excuse Two: I am convinced of Islamic dress but my mother prevents me from wearing it and if I disobey her I will go to the Fire.

The one who has answered this excuse is the most noble of Allah's creation, the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) in concise and comprehensive words of wisdom: "There is no obedience to the created in the disobedience of Allah." [Ahmed]

The status of parents in Islam, especially the mother, is a high and elevated one. Indeed Allah [ta'aala] has combined it with the greatest of matters, which is worshipping him, in many aayaat [verses]. He stated:{Worship Allah and join none with Him and do good to parents.} [Soorah An-Nisaa 4:36] Obedience to parents is not limited except in one aspect, and that is if they order to disobedience of Allah. Allah said:{But if they strive with you to make you join in worship with Me others that of which you have no knowledge, then obey them not.} [Soorah Luqmaan 31:15] The lack of obedience to them in sinfulness does not prevent being good to them and kind treatment of them. Allah said afterward in the same verse:{But behave with them in the world kindly.}

In summary: How can you obey your mother and disobey Allah, Who created you and your parents?

Excuse Three: My position does not allow me to substitute my dress for Islamic dress.

This sister is either one or the other of two types: She is sincere and honest, or she is lying to herself.

We will begin with an answer to the honest and sincere sister. Are you unaware my dear sister, that it is not permissible for the Muslim woman to leave her home in any instance unless her clothing meets the conditions of Islamic hijaab. If you have taken the time and effort to learn so many matters of this world how then can you be neglectful of learning those matters which will save you from the punishment of Allah and His anger after death?! Does Allah not say: {Ask the people of remembrance (i.e. knowledgeable scholars) if you do not know.} [Soorah An-Nahl [16]:43].

If you must go out, then do not do so without the correct hijaab, seeking the pleasure of Allah and the degradation of Satan. That is because the corruption brought about by you going out adorned and beautified is far greater than the matter which you deem necessary to go out for.

My dear sister, if you are really truthful in your intention and correctly determined you will find a thousands hands of good assisting you and Allah will make the matter easy for you! Is He not the One Who says:{And whoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty) and He will provide him from sources he never could imagine.” [Soorah At-Talaaq [65]:2-3]

Honour and position is something determined by Allah [ta'aala] and it is not due to embellishment of clothing, show of colours and keeping up with the trendsetters. It is rather due to obedience to Allah and His Messenger (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) and holding to the pure law of Allah and correct Islamic hijaab. Listen to the words of Allah: "Indeed, the most honourable amongst you are those who are the most pious." [Soorah Al-Hujuraat 49:35]

In summary: Do things in the way of seeking Allah's pleasure and entering His Jannah and give less value to the high priced and costly objects and wealth of this world.

Excuse Four: It is so very hot in my country and I can't stand it.

Allah gives an example by saying: {Say: The Fire of Hell is more intense in heat if they only understand.} [Soorah At-Taubah [9]:81] Dear Sister, how can you compare the heat of your land to the heat of the Hellfire?

Know, my sister, that satan has trapped you in one of his feeble ropes to drag you from the heat of this world to the heat of the Hellfire. Free yourself from his net and view the heat of the sun as a favour and not an affliction especially in that it reminds you of the intensity of the punishment of Allah which is many times greater than the heat you now feel. Return to the order of Allah and sacrifice this worldly comfort in the way of following the path of salvation from the Hellfire about which Allah says: {They will neither feel coolness nor have any drink except that of boiling water and the discharge of dirty wounds.}[Soorah An-Naba' [78]:24-25]

In summary: The Jannah is surrounded by hardships and toil, while Hellfire is surrounded by temptations, lusts and desires.

Excuse Five: I'm afraid that if I wear the hijaab I will take it off because I have seen so many others do so!!

If everyone was to apply this logic, they would have left the Deen [religion, Islaam the way of life] in its entirety! They would have left Salaah [the 5 compulsory prayers] out of fear of ‘maybe’ one day abandoning it. They would have left fasting in Ramadhan because so many are afraid of not completing the months’ fast..and the list goes on. Haven't you seen, dear Sister, how satan has trapped you in his snare again and blocked you from guidance?

Allah [ta'aala] loves continuous obedience even if it be small. Then, how about something that is an absolute obligation like wearing hijaab! The Prophet (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) said: “The most beloved deed with Allah is the consistent one though it be little.” Why haven't you sought out the causes leading those women who offer such an excuse so as to avoid and work away from the dangerous situation they find themselves in. Why haven't you sought out reasons and causes to affirm truth and guidance until you can hold firm to them?

One way by which you can gain steadfastness is by means of much supplication to Allah (du'aa), asking him sincerely to make your heart firm upon the Deen, as did the Prophet (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam). Secondly, by keeping up the prayers, being mindful of the deep meanings contained within the verses you recite, for Allah (Subhaanahu wa ta'ala) states, {And seek help in patience and the prayer and truly it is extremely heavy except for the true believers in Allah who obey Allah with full submission and believe in His promise of Jannah and in His warnings (Al-Khaashi'oon).} [Soorah Al-Baqarah: [2]:45]

Other methods by which to keep oneself steadfast upon guidance and truth is adherence to the laws of Islam and one of them is indeed wearing the hijaab. Allah said: {If they had done what they were told, it would have been better for them and would have strengthened their faith.} [Soorah Al-Baqarah: [2]:66]

In summary: If you hold tight to the causes of guidance and taste the sweetness of faith you will not neglect the orders of Allah after having held to them.

Excuse Six: If I wear the hijaab then nobody will marry me. I will wear the hijaab after marriage.

Any husband who desires that you be uncovered and adorned in public in defiance of and in disobedience to Allah, is not a worthy husband in the first place. He is a husband who has no feeling to protect what Allah has made inviolable, most notably yourself, and he will not help you in any way to enter the Paradise or escape from the Hellfire. A home which is founded upon disobedience to Allah and provocation of His anger is fitting that it be afflicted with misery and hardship. As Allah stated: {But whosoever turns away from My reminder (i.e. neither believes in the Qur'aan nor acts upon its teachings) verily for him is a life of hardship and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Resurrection.} [Soorah Ta Ha [20]:124]

Marriage is a favour and blessing from Allah, which he gives to whom He wills. How many women who wear hijaab (mutahajibaat) are in fact married, while many who don't aren't? Dear Sister, remember: a pure goal or end is not attained through impure and corrupt means in Islam. If the goal is honourable then it must necessarily be achieved by pure and clean method. We say the rule in Islam is: ‘The means are according to the rules of the intended goals’.

In summary: There is no blessing in a marriage established upon sinfulness and corruption.

Excuse Seven: I don't wear hijaab based on what Allah says: “And proclaim the grace of your Lord." [Soorah Ad-Dhuhaa 93:11]. How can I cover what Allah has blessed me with of silky soft hair and captivating beauty?

So this sister of ours adheres to the Book of Allah and its commands as long as they coincide with her personal desires and understanding! She leaves behind those matters when they don't please her. If this was not the case, then why doesn't she follow the verse: {And do not show off their adornment except only that which is apparent.} [Soorah An-Noor [24]:31] and the statement of Allah (Subhaanahu wa ta'ala): "Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks all over their bodies." [Soorah Al-Ahzaab [33]:59]?

With this statement my sister you have now made a shari'ah (law) for yourself , from which Allah [ta'aala] has strictly forbidden, namely beautification (at-tabarruj) and uncovering (as-sufoor), and the reason: Your lack of wanting to adhere to the order.

The greatest blessing or favour that Allah has bestowed upon us is that of eemaan (faith) and hidaayah(guidance) and among them is the Islamic hijaab. Why then do you not manifest and talk about this greatest of blessings given to you?

In summary: Is there a greater blessing and favour upon the woman than guidance and hijaab?

Excuse Eight: I know that hijaab is obligatory (waajib), but I will wear it when Allah guides me to do so.

We ask this sister on what plans or steps she will undertake until she accepts this divine guidance? We know that Allah has in His wisdom made a cause or means for everything. That is why the sick take medicine to regain health, and the traveler rides a vehicle or an animal to reach his destination, and other limitless examples.

Has this sister of ours seriously endeavoured to seek true guidance and exerted the proper means to get it such as: Supplicating Allah sincerely as He stated: {Guide us to the Straight Path.} [Soorah Al-Faatihah [1]:6]; Keeping company with the righteous good sisters- for they are among the best to assist her to guidance and to continue to point her to it until Allah guides her and increases her guidance and inspires her to further guidance and taqwaa [fear of Him]. She would then adhere to the orders of Allah and wear the hijaab that the believing women are commanded to wear.

In summary: If this sister was really serious about seeking guidance she would have exerted herself by the proper means to get it.

Excuse Nine: It's not time for that yet. I'm still too young for wearing hijaab. I'll do it when I get older and after I make Hajj!

The Angel of Death my Sister, is visiting and waiting at your door for the order of Allah [ta'aala] to open it on you at any moment in your life. Allah said: {When their term comes, neither can they delay it nor can they advance it and hour (or a moment).}

Death, my Sister, doesn't discriminate between the young or the old and it may come while you are in this state of great sinfulness disobedience, fighting against the Lord of Honour with your uncovering and shamelessly showing your adornment to men who have not right over you. My sister, you should race to obedience along with those others who race to answer the call of Allah [tabaaraka wa ta'aala]: "Race with one another in hastening towards forgiveness from your Lord and Paradise the width whereof is as the width of the heavens and the earth." [Soorah Al-Hadeed [57]:21]

You are forgetting your own soul by not fulfilling the right of your soul to obey Allah and proper worship of Him. Allah stated about the hypocrites (Al-Munaafiqoon): {And be not like those who forgot Allah and He caused them to forget their own selves.} [Soorah Al-Hashr 59:19]

My Sister, wear the hijaab in this young age; Allah is intense in punishment and will ask you on the Day of Resurrection about your youth and every moment of your life. [Soorah Al-An'aam [7]:34].

In summary: Stop presuming some future expectation in your life will indeed occur!! How can you guarantee your own life until tomorrow?

Excuse Ten: I'm afraid that if I wear Islamic clothing that I'll be labeled as belonging to some group or another and I hate partisanship.

My Sister in Islam, there are only two parties in Islam, and they are both mentioned by Allah Almighty in His Noble Book.

The first party is the party of Allah (hizbullah), the group to whom He gives victory to because of their obedience to His commands and staying away from what He has forbidden.

The second party is the party of the accursed Satan (hizbush-Shaitaan) which disobeys the Most Merciful and increase corruption in the earth. When you hold tight to and adhere to the commands of Allah, and among them is wearing the hijaab - you then become a part of the successful party of Allah. When you beautify and display your charms you are riding in the boat of Satan and his friends and partners from among the hypocrites and the disbelievers and none worse could there be as friends.

Don't you see how you are running away from Allah and instead running towards Satan, trading filth for good? Run instead my sister to Allah and follow His way: "So flee to Allah (from His Torment to His mercy). Verily I (Muhammad) am a plain warner to you from Him." [Soorah Adh-Dhaariyaat 51:50]

The hijaab is a high form of worship that is not subject to the opinions of people and their orientations and choices because the one who legislated it is the Most Wise Creator.

In summary: In the way of seeking the pleasure of Allah and in hope of His Mercy and success in His Jannah: throw the statements of the devils among both the humans and the jinn! Hold tight to the legislation of Allah and follow the example of the striving and knowledgeable Mothers of the Believers and the female companions (radiallahu 'anhum ajma'een).

In Conclusion

Sister, if you do not wear the hijaab, your body is on display in the market of Satan, seducing the hearts of men. The hairstyles, the tight clothing showing every detail of your figure, the short dresses showing off your legs and feet, the showy, decorative and fragrant clothing all angers the Merciful Allah (Subhaanahu wa ta'ala) and pleases the Shaitaan. Every day that passes while you are in this condition, distances you further from Allah and brings you closer to Satan. Each day curses and anger are directed toward you from the heavens until you repent. Every day brings you closer to the grave and the Angel of Death is ready to capture your soul. {Everyone shall taste death and only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Hellfire and admitted into Al-Jannah, is indeed successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing)."[Soorah Aale 'Imraan [3]:185]

Get on the train of repentance my sister, before it passes by your station.

Deeply consider my sister, what is happening today before tomorrow comes.

Think about it, my sister - Now, before it is too late!

New Halaal Watchdog

Please Welcome Our New Halaal Watchdog: 3rd Degree

All hell broke loose last Tues.,17th Jan. 2012, when the hard-hitting documentary, 3rd Degree, was finally aired on E-TV. Hidden cameras planted by a disgruntled employee revealed imported pork being professionally relabeled as “Halaal Veal,” kangaroo meat relabeled as something else and reject meat unfit for even animal consumption was re-classified as A-Grade. The Culprit: Orion Meats. Wrong, the bigger

culprit: The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) who was supposed to be on watch at the time.

All the Muslims of South Africa were understandably shocked. Even some of the people who normally don’t watch TV watched the documentary from under the blanket!! What if my Ramadaan samoosa mince came from Orion?

How do I know if the chicken fillets used by Wrap-It-Up Café also comes from the Cape? Where do the Pakistanis who braai meat on every corner of Laudium and Johannesburg nowadays get their meat from? So, they had to channel their frustration to somebody, and MJC took the hardest blow. The purpose of this article is not to pronounce a verdict on the issue, but to reflect on some lessons we ought to learn from it:

Position of Halaal Bodies:

About 50 or 60 years ago, our grandfathers would wake up earlier than normal on a Sunday, sharpen their knife, and go to the nearest farm to slaughter a dozen chickens or maybe a sheep. They would personally say “Bismillah Allahu Akbar,” I doubt very much with tajweed, on each chicken, and come home just before 12:00 PM. That batch of meat would last for about a month, until poor grandpa would have to go again and slaughter. There was no SANHA, MJC or NIHT then.

Now in 2012, we have Nandos, Mochachos, Chicken Licken and 100s of other eateries. Our sisters no more only make the old-fashioned chicken tarkari at home, they make tandoori chicken, roast chicken, manchurian chicken, chicken roulade and even my favorite – butter chicken. Nowadays, no one wants to slaughter themselves, either because it’s too messy, or because Sunday mornings is reserved for the golf course, the gym or the mall. A family of five would live on 12 chickens a month back then, now the same family needs 50 chickens a month. Try saying “Bismillah Allahu Akbar” 50 times with speed. After the eighth time, it will sound something like “Bismahahi Huhuha” So why bother? Let Rainbow Chickens play a tape recording instead and slaughter 12 chickens every five seconds!

So our laziness and over-indulgence for poultry and meat has led to the establishment of halaal bodies. Who better to do such a messy job then our Shaikhs and Maulanas? After all, the community keeps them on call 24 hours a day, treats them like slaves, and even gives them a salary that equals roughly four fat meals a month at Adegas or Jimmy’s Killer Prawns. The muezzin’s entire salary is perhaps our bread and milk budget for the month! So, some ‘Ulama do a good job at slaughtering, whilst others are just used as a front for others.

Many of our most pious and erudite scholars have never seen a R200- note in a long while, and here someone is willing to pay them 5c per halaal chicken at 200 000 chickens a day. I leave you to do the maths as to how much a month? The ‘Ulama are entitled to their due, but as our own consumption increase and we increasingly boycott our kitchens over the weekend, the industry has grown to such a level that not only is the local industry insufficient to meet our needs, poultry and meat needs to be imported. The Halaal industry is a multi-million industry, and wherever there is so much money, there must be a scandal, whether genuine or not, whether the ‘Ulama are involved or not.

So, if you want to ensure that whatever you eat is 100% halaal, then slaughter yourself or entrust your slaughtering to a close Aalim or friend in whom you have complete trust, not in unknown faces within huge organizations. Eat only from places where you have complete trust in the owners. If not, go back 50 or 60 years and once a month on a Sunday morning, sacrifice the mall and go to the farm. But please, practice the “Bismillahi Akbar” 50 times before you do!

All the Ulama are Fraudsters!

The MJC is an eminent organization of scholars who is responsible for the upkeep of Islam in the Cape and upon whom many depend for the monthly moon-sightings by the Maankykers on Signal Hill. Although their reputation may have been tarnished in the documentary for which they are trying very hard to reverse, the truth is that many people have taken the opportunity to once again indulge in a practice known as ‘Ulama-bashing.

The ‘Ulama-class are our tender children and a product of our society.

They didn’t land on earth from Jupiter and they haven’t come to invade our planet. Just like you have crooked doctors giving their patients wrong medication, or lawyers prolonging their cases to milk their clients, or accountants legalizing our ooplang (hot-money), you have some crooked ‘Ulama, but this not an indication of the entire fraternity. If you are not satisfied with one doctor, you will simply go to another. You wouldn’t start condemning all the doctors or question the philosophy of medicine. If one lawyer cons you, you wouldn’t lose faith in the law. You would simply get better legal counsel. Likewise, if one or two scholars made human mistakes, it gives us no right to condemn the entire fraternity; or even worse, try to create a new type of Islam based on a new understanding or form organizations in opposition to them.

Last week, many people suddenly added a new word to their vocabulary:

priesthood. “There is no priesthood in Islam, get rid of all those Shaikhs. We rest our case. See what they did!” they shouted. Firstly, priesthood is an office where the priests have the power to legislate or modify religion. The ‘Ulama do not modify the religion, they preserve it in its original form. Secondly, priests have the power to forgive sins, our ‘Ulama do not have such magical powers. So please, get rid of this fancy slogan. The ‘Ulama are merely scholars of Islam.

If you do not like the ‘Ulama, close all the Darul ‘Ulooms, Masjids, Madrasahs, Welfare Organisations and Muslim Schools. Shut all the counseling services and burn all Islamic literature. Shut down the hifz classes too and ask Mr Zuma to ban the topi and beard in South Africa. Regard all Camrys as unroadworthy and pollute all the dhall and potatoes in SA as those are the staple diet of the Maulanas! If you can’t do so, learn to live with them and give them due respect.

True, the ‘Ulama haven’t been able to unite on certain key issues like Muslim Personal Law and the Boycott Issue in South Africa. Both sides have strong justification for their stance, but this should not lower our estimation for them, just as a wife who has a quarrel with her husband doesn’t love him any less than before the argument.

Differences of opinion are natural and unavoidable. We should rather learn to accept the state of affairs and follow those ‘Ulama whom we trust.

Nowadays, our biggest weakness is to judge others. Only the Almighty is Al-Haakim, not us. Thanks to Facebook, BBM and WhatsApp, we can broadcast our opinions with no thought at all to millions within seconds. If someone makes a mistake, let him rectify it. Don’t let us play the part of Almighty and pronounce judgment! “You see what that man did. If I had it my way, I’ll demote him!” If you do so, there is Someone else who has a judgment for you, a more serious one on a more frightening day.

One of the aims of the West is to distance the ‘Ulama from the masses.

Once the masses lose faith in their religion and their scholars, they will turn to others for guidance. Instead of having Mufti Zakariyyah from Masjid Suhail as our local Mufti, we will have Mr Maroon from Mango Products as our Mufti. That really tickles the imagination!

According to a hadith, those “others” in today’s times will either be the ignorant leaders or the modern west who will blaze a path of deviation for us. As negative as our perception may be of our scholars at times, the duty of the masses is to set the situation right, rather than creating a further rift in the ummah. This is exactly what the west wants and we have played straight in to their hands in the meat issue.

The solution is for everyone to realise that only angels are perfect, and that human beings make mistakes. An incident like this should mobilize the entire community to find solutions to the halaal issue, rather than start accusing others and causing further rifts. Let us be advocates of the Almighty, rather than messengers of the devil.

That Jew Created a Division in the Ummah !!

In her interview with a local Muslim radio station, Debora Patta said the MJC is not answerable to 3rd Degree, but to the Muslim Ummah.

Debora herself is a no-nonsense journalist famous for her intimidating questions and direct approach. She didn’t cause a split amongst South African Muslims through her documentary as many think; she just woke up the Muslims as to what has been happening in the Halaal industry.

Whilst a lot of us may be calling for the disbanding of MJC for their alleged blunder, all the Muslims of SA must make a huge a collection and offer Deborah a comfortable retirement if we know what is good for us. We may have been quick to judge the Shaikhs on this one, but what about the Hajj industry famous for its corruption and fraud? Last year, Hajj visas from Botswana were sold at R5000- each. What about the Islamic Bank that collapsed which destroyed the pension of 100s of Muslims? What about those trustees who censor what the ‘Ulama speak on the pulpit which contributes to poor quality speeches and which blunts their creativity, or those who use Islam to promote their own agenda at Muslim Schools or Welfare Organizations due to their wealth, contributing to a lack of faith of the masses in these institutes?

Oh yes, Let us not forget the mafia in the meat industry who prevent the establishment of small-scale meat establishments that ensures halaal. What about the competition we have in building Masjids controlled by different organizations and the splits we have caused in the community for personal reasons. Can we also blame the ‘Ulama for that?

Do we want 3rd Degree to investigate all of the above, or are we going to set them right ourselves? If we do not, 3rd Degree will have many juicy stories for the next 100 years!

When we point a finger, three fingers are pointing back at us. Are our affairs all in order that we can sit in judgment of others? Sadly, our mindset is that of accuse and fragment, rather than identify a problem and work for a solution together. Instead of solving the halaal issue, we will throw suspicion on all of the other works of the MJC like the recent Africa1 Aid Gaza Convoy and throw the entire organization into disrepute. This is wrong.


It is our collective responsibility to work together – all stakeholders – to find solutions. Let the problems of the ummah bring us together, rather than further split us apart. Let us ensure that we do not see a repeat of the Orion meat saga, because if we do, then the Muslims of South Africa will be branded no. 1 suckers of the world!


As-Salaamu-Alaikum & Jummah Mubarak

When she is a DAUGHTER, she opens a door of Jannah for her father
When she is a WIFE, she completes half of the Deen of her husband
When she is a MOTHER, Jannah lies under her feet."

'If everyone knew the true status of a Muslim women in Islam, even the men would want to be women"

Friday, January 20, 2012

The MJC Orion Saga: The Pitfalls of Emotion

Fight or Flight – From the awkwardness of the edge of my chair, little did I realise that the scenes and sounds that were rapidly unravelling before me that windy morning correlated perfectly with one of the most well established physiological responses in the Natural World. I doubt the behavioralists would have much trouble identifying it: Confronting a threat that is perceived dangerous, the human reacts with as many resources as needed, as much energy as possible, to minimise the risks.

And so, here was one of the oldest and most recognisable Muslim Theological Bodies in the country trying to hold its own against one of the nation’s most formidable media voices, let alone the wrath of a public dismayed. And its performance was hardly surprising. Sensing emergency, it shifted into self-perseverance mode, drawing on both its offensive and defensive instincts, all for the sole aim of survival. And just like the proverbial injured bear, few were spared its erratic rage. Media organisations, Halaal Certifying bodies and even Social Media platforms instantly became fair game.

In the other corner was a perturbed Muslim Public. Here too, the physiological response was unsurprisingly spot-on. Sensing betrayal, he too began venting his anger which quickly grew into repulsion for the perceived source of his tragedy, as can be evidenced by the avalanche of BBM and text messages, Facebook updates and tweets that soon began circulating.

Ultimately, as the emotions thawed, both proponents articulated a desire for justice.

So reads the story thus far of the fallout from a 3rd Degree investigation into Halaal Certification at a controversial Cape Town cold storage facility which has inflamed passions nationwide. As argued, such physiological responses are typical all over the Animal Kingdom.

But as the Best of Creation, surely there should be a point where our animalism stops, and our humanity begins.

In the emotional fracas that often surrounds such scandals, it is all too easy to lose perspective. Shameless name calling, Holier-than-thou judgement passing and bravado-induced threats become all too common, granting many a false sense of security. Snide comments (such as attributing the sickness of some MJC leaders to the consumption of pork) and ill-witted humour (the many contrived MJC acronyms doing the rounds) are propagated unchallenged, and respect for authority and learning is steadily eroded. In the haste, some have even been calling for the MJC to disband.

It however should legitimately be asked, how can we so impulsively allow ourselves to airbrush a 67-year legacy of service by an influential organisation merely on account of the uproar surrounding one(or perhaps a few more) scandals?

From its establishment in 1945, the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) could lay claim to being only the second Ulema body to be formed in South Africa. Among its stated aims at its founding was the consolidation of unity amongst the Ulema and striving to attain the spiritual, educational, intellectual, moral, social, cultural and economic aspirations of the Muslim community.

Throughout its history, the MJC counted among its membership, scholars of high repute and great activists including the anti-Apartheid stalwart and martyr, Imam Abdullah Haron who was elected its Chairman in 1959. In 1971 it took the pioneering step of initiating the Muslim Board for Prison Welfare and State Institutions, providing an invaluable and previously unheard of service to Muslim inmates. It took another bold step to defend the frontiers of the faith in 1982 when it declared the heretic Ahmeddiyya or Qadiyani sect to be non Muslim, also participating in legal proceedings to ensure the protection of Muslim institutions from their foreign elements. It was among a host of Muslim organisations that took a vociferous stand against the apartheid regime’s tricameral parliament and also played a leading role in providing the necessary assistance to the Black community at large during the 1985 upheavals and 1986 Crossroads crisis.

As it stands today, the MJC remains one of the most representative and influential religious organizations in South Africa. Overseeing the administering of some 160 Masaajid across the Western Cape, it is also the first religious port of call for the province’s one million plus Muslims.

Contrary to the sweeping generalisations in the wake of the current crisis, Halaal certification is but one of organisation’s areas of focus. The MJC boasts departments of social development, media, Fatawa, Da’wah and quite impressively, even an environmental affairs wing – an initiative few Muslim organizations would hardly consider.

For years, the MJC has been tirelessly championing the cause of the dispossessed Palestinians and highlighting the Zionist threats to Muslim and Christian Holy Places. Its activism gave rise to the inception of the Al Quds Foundation(SA) which in 2011 achieved the milestone of leading one of the first Aid Convoy’s from the African Continent to the besieged Gaza Strip.

The President of the MJC, Moulana Ighsaan Hendricks also represents South African Muslims on various international forums such as the Al Quds Foundation International and the International Union of Muslim Scholars, which is spearheaded by the highly respected Sheikh Yusuf al Qardawi. In 2011, Moulana Hendricks was listed among the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the world by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Amman, Jordan.

It is this rich reality that those dismissing the MJC as ‘Masti Judicial Clowns’ or ‘Must Just Chow’s’ so grossly fail to consider. These pernicious sentiments also feed into a dormant – though widespread – Malay-Indian racism that could very easily be inflamed, with devastating consequences.

For those of us further North, disjointed from the MJC’s core constituency, the organisation’s relevance can hardly be diminished either. Representatives from the MJC have consistently served on the leadership of the United Ulama Council of South Africa(UUCSA), which represents all mainstream Islamic organizations nationally. The MJC is also one of the founding members of the National Religious Leaders Forum(NRLF) which serves as a constituted forum for dialogue between government and the religious fraternity.

Failure to acknowledge the contribution of the MJC, and ill-considered calls for it to disband thus have the potential to deeply impair the functioning of the greater South African Muslim community. Additionally, it could shatter unities and consensus that took years of deliberation and compromises to achieve. A case in point would be the sighting of the moon. For years, the community was beset with controversies stemming from Transvaal Ulama bodies refusal to accept the testimony of sighting from the Ulama of Cape Town. It would truly be a sad day to see such hard earned gains ever reversed.

That said, the MJC should not imagine that the anger and betrayal felt by the Muslim community will simply dissipate. As the Arab Spring taught us, the awakening of masses is undoubtedly a powerful new force and its ability to bring about a more democratic future will be profound.

For one, raging against the use of social media is a bad starting point. Whilst there is absolutely no justification for paranoia and mistruths to be circulated by the public in their hunt for scapegoats, there is also a big need for organisations to become more media savvy and handle sensitive communications matters better.

The examples of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, both held in high esteem by the MJC, should also be instructive. The widespread success enjoyed by these sister movements in Egypt in Palestine can in part be attributed to the higher levels of internal transparency and accountability they aspire towards, in contrast to their political adversaries. In the shadow of the Arab Spring, these prominent organizations have also shown to be receptive, evolving structurally to become more democratic.

Instead of the MJC becoming defensive or antagonistic and the Muslim community distributing broadcast messages encouraging the burning of MJC offices, the Orion Crises should be recognized as possessing the potential to herald the Spring of Accountability for Muslim SA. As many have pointed out, the demands for accountability are not restricted to the MJC but can and should very well be extended to encompass other Halaal authorities, Hajj Operators, Theological Bodies and Media Institutions.

The physiological longing for vengeance is great, but the Islamic prerogatives of Nasiha and Amr bil Ma’ruf are greater. It has been reported by Nu’maan bin Basheer (RA) that the Holy Prophet (SAW) said: “There are people who do not transgress the limits (laws) of Allah, and there are others who do so. They are like two groups who boarded a ship; one of them settled on the upper deck, and the other, on the lower deck of the ship.

So, when the people of the lower deck needed water, they said: ‘Why should we cause trouble to the people of the upper deck when we can easily have plenty of water by making a hole in our deck.’ Now if the people of the upper deck do not prevent this group from such foolishness, all of them will perish – but if they stop them then they all will be saved.” (Bukhari & Tirmidhi)

Regardless of whom you deem the occupants of the upper and lower decks to be, this directive should be the Ummah’s sole motivator towards the amelioration of the Orion crises. Seen another way, if a brother’s house is about to burn down, the issue is to help him not to lose it, and not (at that time) to question why he got himself into the mess in the first place. In the aftermath of the 3rd Degree expose’, this is precisely the challenge we are facing.

Will you be adding more fuel or putting out the fire?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Treating our Elders with Respect

"The new 'state' of the art tv arrived at little Hamza's home". It was a complex Sony tv with a sophisticated remote control. Grandma was just getting used to the old tv before the family decided to change to a much modern expensive tv.

Grandma sat in the room, trying to work out how to put the tv on. Hamza was at school so she couldn’t ask him. She politely requests to her 'daughter in law', :

"Beti, can you show me how this remote works, what buttons to press and where the volume control is?"

Hamza's mother comes in too busy yapping on her mobile phone to her friends and rudely replies "Look, I am going to explain this once, if you understand fine, if not I am not your servant, I have things to do, so listen up once as I don’t have time for this"

Grandma feels hurt inside, but doesn’t reply. She thinks of her age and gives up on the remote, and silently returns to her room to read her Quraan. Inside, her heart is crying at her daughter in laws rudeness and ignorance, but she leaves it to Allah swt.

How often do you hear of stories like this? Sadly, this is the reality of the behaviour some people give to their elders. First of all it shows ignorance, because the young seem to think just because they have youth and energy, they are in ‘command’ such that their energy and youth will last forever.

How you treat others, it won’t be long before you too will be treated in the same manner. Have you heard of the saying , “What goes around, comes around”. ?
Well, it’s a true fact, and it won’t be long till your old age comes, you too will become less energetic, you will face a bit memory loss and you won’t be able to cope with technology advancement due to your old age.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women

A beautiful & an inspiring article by an American woman who took the Shahaadah! ALLAHU AKBAR!


This post is dedicated to my sisters in Islam

Beautiful women are not those who appear on magazines or televisions. Beautiful women are those who have modesty, piety, simplicity and to top it all off, confidence.

That being said, one of the best examples are the women of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam’s time. What more can I say?

The more you listen and read about their stories, you will, Inshaa-Allah, feel more connected with Rasulullah Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. These women are women who have met our Beloved Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, who have interacted with Him, who were inspired by Him! Mashaa-Allah!

Let’s ask ourselves, sisters.

Do we spend our time reading on the latest gossips about the celebrities or the life of these amazing Muslimah?

Do we spend our money on magazines or Islamic books?

Do we spend our time watching movies or listening to lectures?

Do we spend our time at concerts or Islaamic conferences?

Ask yourself these question sisters.

You know the answer. With that answer, let’s ask ourselves whether we will be able to stand before Allah on the day of Judgement and justify the money and time spend on these things.

Now, let’s reflect whether our love for Islaam is merely superficial or deep.

How much do you know about the female companions of Rasulullah Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam?

Do you know Kim Kardashian better than Amah Binti Khalid who was the last companion to pass away?

Do you know Selena Gomez better than Hafsa Binti Sirin who memorised the Qur'aan by the age of 12?

Do you know Miley Cyrus better than Fatima Binti Abdul Malik who was born and treated like royalty but sacrifised everything and only ate bread and onion when her husband became a Khalifah?

If you don’t, it’s nothing to be ashamed of because just yesterday, I have never heard of their names before until I heard this amazing lecture called ‘Women Inspired by the beloved’.

Click on this link,

Every women should listen to the series.

Throw away those magazines, switch off the television, switch off the radio and get on with the Deen.

(FYI : Before I threw away all my magazine, I’ve calculated that it all cost me R836. What a waste.)

May Allah guide us all and keep us on the right path till our last breath. Aameen