Friday, January 13, 2012

Treating our Elders with Respect

"The new 'state' of the art tv arrived at little Hamza's home". It was a complex Sony tv with a sophisticated remote control. Grandma was just getting used to the old tv before the family decided to change to a much modern expensive tv.

Grandma sat in the room, trying to work out how to put the tv on. Hamza was at school so she couldn’t ask him. She politely requests to her 'daughter in law', :

"Beti, can you show me how this remote works, what buttons to press and where the volume control is?"

Hamza's mother comes in too busy yapping on her mobile phone to her friends and rudely replies "Look, I am going to explain this once, if you understand fine, if not I am not your servant, I have things to do, so listen up once as I don’t have time for this"

Grandma feels hurt inside, but doesn’t reply. She thinks of her age and gives up on the remote, and silently returns to her room to read her Quraan. Inside, her heart is crying at her daughter in laws rudeness and ignorance, but she leaves it to Allah swt.

How often do you hear of stories like this? Sadly, this is the reality of the behaviour some people give to their elders. First of all it shows ignorance, because the young seem to think just because they have youth and energy, they are in ‘command’ such that their energy and youth will last forever.

How you treat others, it won’t be long before you too will be treated in the same manner. Have you heard of the saying , “What goes around, comes around”. ?
Well, it’s a true fact, and it won’t be long till your old age comes, you too will become less energetic, you will face a bit memory loss and you won’t be able to cope with technology advancement due to your old age.


Zarina Hassem said...

Masha'Allah this is such a good reminder, and I really like the story. Its sad how people treat elderly people, and a lot of the time regrets come way too late. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

Princess said...

Salaams Zarina, Shukran for taking the time to read and comment. Indeed it is sad when we see how our elders are treated. Seldom do we realise we will be old soon.

Our elderly are priceless gifts from the Almighty...