Friday, August 31, 2012

On Palestine...

Did you Know?.. Facts - Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

1. Did you know that non-Jewish Israelis cannot buy or lease land in Israel? A Jew from any country in the world is guaranteed citizenship in Israel, while the Palestinians who have been there for centuries are oppressed and persecuted.

2. Did you know that instead of sewing an insignia on clothing to distinguish race, Palestinian license plates in Israel are color coded to distinguish Jews from non-Jews?

3. Did you know that East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights are all considered by the entire world community, including the United States and the United Nations, to be occupied territory and NOT part of the State of Israel?

4. Did you know that Israel allots 85% of the water resources for Jews,and the remaining 15% is divided among all Palestinians in the territories? For example in Hebron, 85% of the water is set aside for about 400 Jewish settlers, while the remaining 15% is distributed among Hebron's 120,000 Palestinians?

5. Did you know that the United States awards Israel $5 billion in aid each year from American tax dollars?

6. Did you know that US aid to Israel ($1.8 billion annually in military aid alone) exceeds the aid the US grants to the entire African continent?
This aid is used both to buy American weaponry and to buy arms made in Israel.

7. Did you know that Israel is awaiting an additional $4 billion worth of American military hardware, including new F-16s and Apache and Blackhawk helicopters. As Israel's main ally and supporter internationally, the United States is committed to maintaining the Jewish state's "qualitative edge" in weapons over its neighbors.

8. Did you know that the U.S. administration has notified Congress on numerous occasions that Israel has violated the rules on how US-supplied weapons are used? (In 1978, 1979 and 1982 during fighting in Lebanon, and once after Israel's bombing of an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981.)

9. Did you know that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and bars international inspections from its sites?

10. Did you know that high-ranking military officers in the Israeli Defense Forces have admitted publicly that unarmed prisoners of war have been summarily executed by the Israeli forces?

11. Did you know that Israel blew up an American diplomatic facility in Egypt and attacked a US warship in international waters (the USS Liberty), killing 33 and wounding 177 American sailors and the US did nothing about it? (Imagine if an Islamic country did this!)

12. Did you know that Israel stands in defiance of 69 United Nations
Security Council Resolutions?

13. Did you know that Israel is explicitly dedicated to the policy of maintaining a distinct Jewish character?

14. Did you know that Israel's current Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, was found by an Israeli court to be "personally and directly responsible" for the Sabra and Shatilla massacre in Lebanon where more than a thousand innocent Palestinian men, women, and children were axed to death or lined up and shot in cold blood?

15. Did you know that on May 20, 1990, a group of unarmed Palestinian laborers were lined up and murdered by an Israeli solider as they sat waiting for transportation back to Gaza? The terrified laborers who gathered in an area of southern Israel known as Rishon Lezion (known to Palestinians by its Arabic name Oyon Qara) handed their ID cards to the Israeli soldier.The soldiers ordered the distressed laborers to kneel down and face the ground and unexpectedly showered them with a barrage of bullets, killing seven and wounding many others. Needless to say, the soldier was not charged with any crime.

16. Did you know that until as recently as 1988, Israelis were permitted to run "Jews Only" job ads?

17. Did you know that the Israeli Foreign Ministry pays six US public relations firms to promote a "positive image" of Israel to the American public?

18. Did you know that Sharon's coalition government includes a party--Molodet--which advocates ethnic cleansing by openly calling for the forced expulsion of all Palestinians from the occupied territories?

19. Did you know that recently-declassified documents indicate that David Ben-Gurion approved of the forced expulsion of Arabs from all Palestininan territory in 1948?

20. Did you know that the former chief rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, who is also a founder and spiritual leader of the religious Shas party (Israel's third largest political party) openly advocates a 'Final Solution' to annihilate the Palestinians? Speaking at the widely broadcast sermon marking the last Passover, he declared of the Palestinians: "The Lord shall return their deeds on their own heads, waste their seed and exterminate them, devastate them and vanish them from this world. It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable."

21. Did you know that Palestinian refugees make up the largest portion of the refugee population in the world?

22. Did you know that Palestinian Christians are considered the "living stones" of Christianity because they are the direct descendants of the disciples of Jesus Christ? And the Palestinian Christians stand united with their Muslim brethren in the struggle against the Israeli occupation.

23. Did you know that despite a ban on torture by Israel's High Court of Justice, torture has continued unabated by Shin Bet interrogators on Palestinian prisoners?

24. Did you know that despite every Israeli attempt to disrupt Palestinian education, Palestinians have the highest ratio of PhDs per capita in the world?

25. Did you know that the right of self-determination is guaranteed to every human being under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [December,1948], yet Palestinians were/are expected to negotiate for this right under the Oslo Accords?

26. Did you know that despite what is widely perpetuated and written in the history books that the Arabs attacked Israel in the 1967 war, it was Israel who attacked the Arab countries first, capturing Jerusalem and the West Bank, and called the attack a pre-emptive strike?

27. Did you know that, as an occupying power, Israel has a particular responsibility under the Geneva Conventions to protect Palestinian civilians?

28. Did you know that, despite Ariel Sharon's public call for a unilateral ceasefire, Israeli soldiers have not stopped shooting, killing or bulldozing Palestinian homes? The most recent example of this is the murder of three innocent women who were shot by an Israeli tank as they sat in their tent!

29. Did you know that the Zionists have been trying to destroy Masjid al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock for the last 50 years by digging underground tunnels beneath the sites to weaken its foundation causing it to collapse?

30. Did you know that the majority of Muslims have been sleeping for the past 50 years and have been unaware of most of the above facts?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

On Marriage

As I write this and reminisce about the our upcoming anniversary, this below is a gentle refresher about the things we may overlook... May the Almighty grant us many many more years together, Aameen 8 tips about what weakens the marriage 1) Misbehaving - saying bad or hateful things, making bad jokes and insulting each other. 2) Ignore - not replying back to the "salams" or giving each other the good ear to listen and share. 3) Lying - Allah forbids the believers to lie. There is no room in Islam for liars, and may Allah save us from this evil, ameen. 4) Breaking Promises - Keeping a trust is also an important characteristic of a believer. 5) Avoiding Contact - You hug the brothers at the mosque, but what about a "little hug" with your wife? Come on, you can do it. 6) Suspicion & Backbiting - Allah says, "O believers, avoid much suspicion. Certainly suspicion is sinful. And don't spy or backbite each other. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of your dead brother. You would hate it. Fear Allah's punishment. For sure Allah is the Acceptor of repentance, The Merciful." [Quran 49: 12] 7) Too Busy - Take time for each other. You have rights on each other. Give everyone their rights and you will be given your rights. 8) Leaving the worship - Allah will never be pleased with someone who leaves His guidance and does not worship Him. This will cause Muslim families serious problems and even to split up, faster than anything. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Things Which Strengthen The Marriage IN SHA ALLAH: 1) Good Attitude - A Muslim must always have a positive attitude toward life. We say, "Al Hamdulillah" (Praise be to Allah) for whatever He gives us (or doesn't give us). 2) Help - Our prophet, peace be upon him, stressed the importance of men helping their wives and Allah tells us the importance of women being mates and helpers to their husbands. This is a real "win-win" situation, if we just follow it. 3) Trust - Muslims, men and women are ordered to be trustworthy and follow the example of our prophet, peace be upon him, as the "Trustworthy". 4) Respect - You get respect, when you give respect. This is mandatory for all Muslims toward all people, how much more toward the spouse? 5) Joy - Our prophet, peace be upon him, used to entertain his wife, Ayesha and she used to play and race with him. She said, "I used to out-run him, but then when I got heavy he used to outrun me". He told us to play with our wives. 6) Forgiveness - Clearly, this is one of the most important aspects of Islam. Whoever does not forgive - will not be forgiven. This comes from Allah, Himself. We must learn to forgive each other's mistakes so we won't it against us. 7) Time - Spend time, alone - together. Go for walks. Take a bus ride. Visit a friend or someone who is ill (you get big rewards for that). Fast together on Mondays & Thursdays if you can. Make hajj - this is a great way to get a "new start" on life. Trust me. 8) Worship - connection with Allah through ritual of prayer, petition and peace while moving together in the salat is something a non-Muslim can never really appreciate. Our prophet, peace be upon him, used to lead his wife in salat, even though he lived connected to the mosque. He told us not to make our homes like grave yards. We should offer some of our sunnah prayers at home. A sister gains the most rewards at home, in her room, behind a screen. Marriage talks by Mufti Menk: Part1 Part2 Part3

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hadhrat Juwaria bint Harith (Radi Allahu Anha)'s beauty

The chieftain of the tribe Banu Mustalaq was Harith bin Abi Dhirar, who was an arrogant man drunk with his power and wealth. He had a beautiful daughter, Juwaria, who had been born just before the advent of Islam. She was brought up in the lap of luxury, and had all the refinements and graces of a princess. Intelligent and wise she mastered language and literary style. She was happily married to one of the youths of Banu Khuza’ah, Musafa bin Safwan. During an expedition set by Harith, ten people were killed and about 700 captured. Juwaria (radi Allahu anha) was one of the prisoners of the expedition and was initially offered to Thabit Ibn Qays as his share of booty. He agreed to set her free in exchange for a certain amount of wealth from her. She went into the presence of the Prophet Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam and pleaded her case with him. She felt that she had fallen into dust from a throne made of gold. All who saw Juwaria were stunned by her exceptional beauty. She was not only beautiful but graceful, elegant and eloquent. The Prophet Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam paid off the amount on her behalf and married her. When the people heard of her conversion and marriage to the Prophet Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam they freed all the slaves of Banu Mustalaq. Then they all accepted Islam willingly. When Aisha (radi Allahu anha) first saw Juwaria (radi Allahu anha) she exclaimed that she was as beautiful as a fairy. On another occasion she said she had yet to see a lady proved to be such a source of blessings for her people. Through her Allah blessed a hundred families of her tribe with freedom. Imam Baihaqi has quoted Juwaria (radi Allahu anha), as saying that, few days before the Prophet Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam arrived she saw the moon coming towards her from the direction of Madinah and falling into her lap. Most of the time Juwaria (radi Allahu anha) would be found engrossed in prayer. On one occasion when the Prophet Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam left home he found her lost in meditation. On returning in the afternoon he found her in the same position. He asked her if she has been praying continuously since he had left. When she answered in the affirmative, he asked her if she would like to learn four small sentences that could earn her more reward from Allah than the whole morning’s prayers. He then taught her the following sentences: “How perfect Allah is and I praise Him by the number of His creation and His pleasure, and by the weight of His throne, and the extent of His words.” We should also make a habit of reciting these words everyday as for one who recites them has earned tremendous reward. There is one narration that mentions the above words to be recited 3 times. Juwaria(radi Allahu anha) passed away at the age of 65 in the month of Rabiul-Awwal, 50th year after Hijrah, and was buried in Jannatul Baqi. References: The Manifestations of the Prophet; Great Women of Islam

Monday, August 13, 2012

Update Kazi Murder

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Alhamdulillah by the MERCY of THE ALMIGHTY, two suspects have been arrested. We make DUAH, that these thugs (if guilty) are put away for life - AMEEN.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

With a Heavy Heart

As Salaamu Alaikum, 18 years down the line and democracy fully supported, sadness overcame as I write this post and reflect... We tell each other and the world (and those that will listen) racisism is over...I ask is it really over? Gone and forgotten...? Last night I heard about the Muslim youth who past away whilst defendng his Suunah beard. Read More about the story here Oh allah grant us safety fom the Kufr and those that do not know, Aameen

Monday, August 06, 2012

The First Lady

The pages of history are replete with accounts of unbelievable hardships faced by righteous men and their piety. Not only men but women too have endured untold hardships and shown extraordinary patience.

The wife of Firoun was among these strong willed women. In today’s terminology we would call her a first lady, the consort of the king, your royal highness. She was a woman who enjoyed every privilege and comfort. Rivers flowed beneath her palace and she had a view of the river Nile. She was intelligent and well-admired by all the women of Egypt, who all wished to be in her position.

After picking up Moosa (alayhis salam) from the river Nile she took care of him and paid attention to his upbringing. For this she appointed 400 slaves and when he went out, he rode with such grandeur that people thought him to be the son of Firoun.

Moosa (alayhis salaam) later left Egypt and returned to challenge the magicians of Firoun. This was not only between Moosa (alayhis salaam) and Firoun but it was between truth and falsehood for the people of Egypt. Aasiya who watched the victory of Moosa (alayhis salaam) over the magicians was left impressed. She and her slave girl Maashita went to Moosa (alayhis salaam) to express their desire to accept Islam. They then kept their imaan hidden from Firoun.

One day while combing the princess’s hair, Maashita the slave girl dropped the comb. She uttered “Bismillah” as she bent down to pick it up. The princess was astonished on hearing this and said, “Do you mean my father?”Firoun was informed about her iman and here began a difficult trial for her, a trial where even strong men falter. Firoun ordered a large brass vessel to be brought.A fire was kindled in it until it was venomously hot. Her children were then thrown in one by one in front of her eyes until it was the turn of the last child who was still suckling from his mother. This made her sob.The infant suddenly spoke to her saying, “Mother jump! The punishment of this world is light compared to the hereafter.”

Aasiya after witnessing the brutal punishment of her slave girl now revealed her Imaan. Firoun became enraged. She was given a last chance to accept Islam when Firoun threatened to drop a boulder on her. Firoun announced if she left Islam he would take her as his wife and if not, this would be her end. However Aasiya was convinced of her faith and she remained steadfast. As Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam mentioned in a hadeeth, “When imaan enters the recess’s of the heart there is nothing to deny it from the sweetness of imaan”. She made Dua and Allah mentions it in the Quraan. “And for the believers Allah has set an example in the wife of Firoun who said: My Rabb build for me a house in paradise, deliver me from Firoun and his misdeeds and save me from the wicked nation.” Her gaze then turned towards the heaven and she recited her Shahadat. In some narrations it is mentioned that Allah showed her palace in Jannah before she passed away, and that Allah took her soul away before the boulder fell on her.

Wealth and position should not make us compromise on Deen. When a person is sincere in faith then its blessing make it easy to tolerate persecution. It was only her sincerity that gave the Royal Queen, Aasiya the strength to bear oppression and cruelty. Those who walk the path of truth are never alone. At every step Allah grants them patience and steadfastness. A woman is naturally weak and a Queen more so by being waited on but when she tasted faith she stood by every kind of injustice.

Oh Allah grant us steadfastness in our Imaan...and grant us the honour of passing away with Imaan, Aameen

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Request for Dua'as


Please remember our brothers and sisters of Burma in your Dua'as.

To read more about their plight ---> clink on the below link.