Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Etiquettes in Islam - Points to Ponder


A friend sent this to me, I thought its worth sharing....

  1. Always make Salaam (“AsSalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh) whenever you enter or leave your home.
  2. Respectfully stand whenever you see your parents approaching.
  3. At least once daily, try to forgive your Islamic Brothers and Sisters as well as your own family.
  4. Always keep your voice lowered in the presence of your parents.
  5. Complete any duties your parents set for you immediately (except if they are against Shari’ah).
  6. Address your mother / father, family and friends (and even newly born child) with utmost respect.
  7. Make it a habit of sleeping early after Salaat-tul-Esha. [Ameer Ahle Sunnat says: ‘How I wish you would wake up for Tahajjud or at least early enough to read Salaat-tul-Fajr (with Jama’at) so that laziness does not occur at work].
  8. If there is laziness in reading Salaah at home or laziness in Hijaab, or if there is interest in watching movies / sitcoms/ soapies, or listening to music, instead of arguing with family members, make them agree to listen to one of Ameer AhleSunnat’s Bayanaat (lectures), or read one of Ameer AhleSunnat’s Rasaail. (Booklets), Inshallah Azzawajal, through it’s blessings you would see a transformation within yourself and home.
  9. Remove from yourself the habit of getting angry, getting irritated and rebuking others etc.
  10. Make Dua'a for the betterment of your family’s worldly life and that of the Hereafter, as Dua'a is the weapon of the Believer.

May Allah (swt) grant us the ability to act upon these, Aameen

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