Friday, October 24, 2008

Dua'a for the Day

It is reported of 'Ali bin 'Abi Tãlib that someone who was indebted came to him and said: I am unable to pay my debt so help me. He said: Shall I not teach you a few words the Messenger of Allah taught me, if you had the like of a mountain (Seerin) of debt Allah would fulfil it on your behalf?

Say: 'Allãhumma kfinee bihalãlika `an harãmika, wa 'aghninee bifadhlika ` amman siwãka.. O' my 'ilãh make me with what You have made lawful needless of what You have made unlawful, and make me with your benevolence independent of all others.

And he would say: Your forefather (speaking to the two) used to solicit protection for Isma`eel and Ishãq with this supplication.

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