Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Muslim Response Unit

In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. All Praise is to Allah Lord of the Worlds
Peace and salutations on our beloved Prophet Muhammed SAW. His Family, Companions and Ummah at large.

The Muslim Response Unit (MRU) - Dedicated to Serving & Uniting the Ummah in South Africa, is an organisation that intends to make a difference in our communities, by meeting and overcoming the challenges and evils that the Muslim community, is faced with. The organization intends to empower and uplift the community.

The aims of the association is to assist the community at large with problems relating to, but not confined or limited to the following:

Arranging transport for the sick, elderly or disabled to doctors and hospitals,
Assistance with funerals,
Security and facilitation at Muslim gatherings
Child abuse, domestic violence and drug abuse.
Rescue and Relief efforts ranging from winter hampers, feeding schemes, food hampers etc.
Charitable and Fund-Raising drives to assist with disaster relief efforts,
Assisting the needy in raising funds for Medical Operations or requirements.
The raising of funds for the building of Mosques and Jamaat Khaanas,
Islamic e-learning,
Revert Class Co-ordination,
Dawah initiatives to squatter camps and rural areas,
Aids awareness,
Assistance, advice and collection & distribution of funds in communities
Emergency Medical Assistance
Emergency Neighborhood Response
Road side Assistance
Missing children – search & rescue
Out of town? Lost? MRU to the rescue

With support groups such as Know Islam and Islamic Propagation and Dawah centre, we intend to use their facilities and incorporate them for the benefit of the Muslim Ummah.

In order to unite the Ummah, in this venture, we have dedicated and selfless individuals such as attorneys, advocates, doctors, paramedics, businessmen and professionals who have rendered their services and wish to serve for the pleasure of ALLAH SWT alone.

This noble venture was first informally established in 2005 when brothers from KnowIslam noticed the need for this type of response on our roads, grave sites, homes & Masjids. Witnessing the evils in and around our Muslim societies that had plagued every Muslim home and person. With the increase of violence, senseless killings, drugs and drug addicts, woman and child abuse and unfortunate accidents, we decided to initiate and drive this project in the following areas:

Community policing forums;
Medical Emergency Units (Mobile); - paramedics
Neighbourhood Response Units (Mobile);
Youth development; Youth care, truancy
Family Support Forums;
Woman and child abuse support Forums.
24/7 Response units
Tow services
Mechanic on call
Hearse & funeral services
Safe havens for abused women & children


In order for MRU to be effective, communication is key. We will endeavour to place a 2 way radio in every community.

A proposed working example is as follows:
Brother XXXXX will have a 2 way radio and he will be linked up to everyone else. He will be responsible for bringing on 3 other brothers who will work & respond with him.
Sister YYYY will also have 3 other sisters responding with her providing support to our sisters.

Once a call is made on any 2 way radio the MRU will be set in motion. We will mobilise our units and get the best possible response to that community. This service is available 24x7 at no charge.

A family has been living in a particular community and has no food to eat. An appeal on the 2 way radio from Eldos or Lenasia will be made for food. All units will respond and speak to their friends, family, local Imaam, local grocery store and rally around collecting food. All units will meet & provide the food to this family & evaluate what can be done for them in the long term.

As all membership is primarily on a Volunteers basis, all Volunteers and members will complete a Volunteer Form with a copy of his/her Identification Document for screening purposes as well as an Indemnity form.

Although we had and may have many obstacles to overcome the wheels have been set in motion and , it is now our task to carry out this great responsibility ,actively participate and establish a system for Muslims by Muslims uniting every Muslim, home, business and community for a single purpose, and setting aside all barriers, age, sex, colour or creed.

In conclusion, the nature of the operation is to supply a great need within the Islamic community by providing services to alleviate and eradicate social evils as well as uplifting the community by providing life skills to both young and old. It is our hope that this project reaches epic proportions only by the Grace of Allah.

We humbly request that you the reader accept our call to this noble course and assist us in the best manner possible. Should you feel that you would be able to assist us in any manner possible please feel free to contact KnowIslam and offer your support.

Funds are needed to activate this unit in your area. Please feel free to forward this email & donate to:
(Association incorporated under Section 21 – NON PROFIT) Registration no 2007/008333/08
ACCOUNT NO 62155939328

Ref. MRU

Jazaka Allah khair
The team @ Know Islam

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