Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Vote or Not To Vote

I have heard many arguments whether to vote or not.

Islamically the jurists say its wrong but morally?

Readers, what are your views an opinions?? Please don't use this platform to tell me which party I should support...


Edge Of Where said...

I think that we should vote. If we dont then we have no business complaining if things dont work out.

Just a question as well. Why do the islamic jurist say it is wrong to vote?

I might have missed this somewhere I am not sure

Princess said...

EOW - You raise a valid point...I agree that we should vote irrespective of which party...How can you complain when you not interested in making a difference. You vote can make a difference!

Their thinking or rule of law is that we should vote for the Almighty's Law - which is good and fine but how does one implement that rule of law. I assume using the medium of Man? Unless I am wrong??

I have read this is several e-mail doing the rounds the Muslim jurists are against voting...

Edge Of Where said...

You right. the almighty's law is implemented by man but I can also see where they are coming from.

My feeling is that if you living in a non muslim country then do all you can to influence society towards good. In this case maybe its voting for whoever and whatever your beleifs are.

An eg. in islam we are totally against abortion. But if we sit on the sidelines and dont vote as the jurist say, then a party elected can legalise it(like it has already been done) however if we vote for some party who is against this then maybe we help stop this practise.

Princess said...

Yes that is true. We can help and aid in infulencing and steering the country to strive for better as we do have the potential for this!

AbdurRahman said...

as Salaamu Alaikum,

from my understanding Ulema say voting is impermissible since the Ideal Political environment that Muslims should aim for is Khilaafah with Shariah Law.

Some Ulema say that until and unless Shariah law/Khilaafah is implemented we have an obligation to make Jihad to that end.

See post by Imam Anwar al Awlaki http://www.anwar-alawlaki.com/?p=119

KiLLa said...

Which jurist said its wrong..
I dont believe that one bit..

Over the past few weeks, bayaans were filled of how WE SHOULD vote and vote for the party that would still give us freedom of religion, and open prayer and loud azaan..

We,as Muslim citizens have as much right as any other sect to vote and have a say... This country with all its shit is still one that grants equality amongst race and culture.. We should be grateful for that.

Here is my takeon voting and sundry..


KiLLa said...


Princess said...

Killa, I always welcome your comments. I've read your take and its true we are granted equality amongst race and culture...We certainly should be grateful for that.

we allowed to be religiously free in all aspects

Azra said...

VOTE!!! All people can do is complain and then they dont bother to vote. How is this country expected to have a good opposition if no one wants to vote?

People say, "whats the use, the ANC will win anyway"...true...but why make it that much easier for them? And why give them absolute power?

UJ said...

So as a good example of why you should vote, you criticize in some of your other posts the impending implementation of MPL. The only way that you would be able to affect that process would be by voting!

:: Princess :: said...

UJ - I have made my voice heard ie I have voted. Thank you for your reply.

Safiyyah said...

i know voting is over.. but anyways, yes some jurists say Muslims should not vote, but what about those who say we should, we must, we are obliged to, like the esteemed Tariq Ramadan..
I am of his opinion..
Take the example of the prophet (SAW), when the medinan state was not yet set up, the prophte participated fully in the politics of makkan society...
also the example of the negus of abysinia, the prophet sent people to live under his rule!
and as we don't have a medinan state today, we too should integrate fully into our societies, and try to secure our religious rights!
Otherwise, we don't deserve the right to call ourselves South African, and should go live in so called "Muslim" countries, with so called "shariah" law...wont last a day :)

Organharvester said...

Hallo princess. Just wanted to say kak man. I've heard we shouldn't pay tax because our government... Blah blah blah. You get the picture.

It makes me angry when i see that sort of thinking. We enjoy more freedoms here than any other country. And we should play a role in our political future.