Tuesday, July 07, 2009


If we don’t control our kids from a young age in terms of the masjid “etiquette”, we could find something similar soon given the styles of clothing today....(and hey, we not THAT far away !)
Ya Allah SWT protect us and our children from this, Aameen. Let us make a concerted effort to teach our children the proper way of life.
Learning should not be left to madressa's or islamic schools, it should start at home. It is also taught by example, so take a look in the mirror and see what they see. See what they will portray and who they will portray. We can, its starts with us as parents.
One Voice,
One Practice,
One Ummah...


AD said...

well said...
terrifically said!

haseena said...

Astaqfirullah thats disgusting and digrading.. what country is that in sister?

Princess said...

Haseena, not sure of the country, altho it looks like Malaysia / Singapore...It posted this as a means of awareness.