Friday, October 05, 2012

French rapper reverts

French RAPPER, Diam, announces reversion to Islam

A French rapper, Mélanie Georgiades, known as Diam, has bolstered the spirits of Muslims around the world, and in France in particular, with her announcement that she has reverted to Islam.

The once famous rap artist has been off the music scene for the last three years and made a surprise television appearance on French TV station TF1. The video uploaded to YouTube went viral within hours of posting and was then removed by the channel.
In the video she dispelled myths frequently promoted by western media about Islam as a religion of extremism, terrorism and violation of human rights.
Diam was forthright is setting the record straight. “I discovered a religion of wisdom of nonviolence, of peace, of sharing, of kindness. It is the religion of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Solomon and of all the prophets.”
Wearing a full hijab, exposing only her face, she explained how she had discovered “serenity in Islam”.

European Muslims have had to fend off strong currents of Islamophoia and demonisation as the number of Muslim immigrants and natives reverting to Islam has increased phenomenally.

France is currently home to around 6 million Muslims, the largest Muslim population in Europe. Under the leadership of former president, Nicholas Sarkozy, the country adopted controversial laws outlawing the Muslim face veil or niqab.
Despite similar obstacles and religious intolerance spreading to other countries in Europe, people have been attracted to the beauty and peace inherent in the religion.
Explaining her decision to where the hijab Diam said: “I believe that I live in a tolerant society, and I don’t feel hurt by criticism, but by insults and stereotyping and ready-made judgments…I see it as a divine order or a divine advice, this brings joy to my heart and for me this is enough.”
Her previous life as a music superstar was riddled with depression, something not previously known to her fans.

“I was very famous and I had what every famous person looks for, but I was always crying bitterly alone at home, and this is what none of my fans had felt,” she told TF1.

She added: “I was heavily addicted to drugs, including hallucinating narcotics and was admitted in mental asylum to recover, but this was in vain until I heard one of my Muslim friends saying ‘I am going to pray for a while and will come back,’ so I told her that I want to pray as well.”
However, the greatest attraction to Islam seems to be the direction in life and the purpose of existence that it unravels for so many non-Muslims searching for credible answers.

“This has warmed my heart, as I know now the purpose of my existence, and why am I here on Earth.”2

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