Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Story of Zahraa

Zahraa was a sweet 5 year-old girl. One day she saw a plastic pearl necklace. She asked her mum to buy it, but mum said, "It's a pretty necklace, but costs a lot of money. You will have to do a week of extra chores to pay 4 it. Zahraa agreed, and mum bought the neck-lace.

Zahraa worked on her chores very hard. Soon she had paid off the pearls. How she loved those pearls. She wore them everywhere - to pre-school, bed, even when she went out.

Zahraa had a very loving dad who used to read to her before she went to bed. One night, dad said, "Zahraa, do you love me?"
"Oh yes, Dad, you know I love you."
"Well, then, give me your pearls," Dad said.

"Not my pearls, Dad!" Zahraa said. "But you can have my favourite doll, You gave me last year for Eid."
"Oh no, darling, that's ok." Her father lovingly kissed her.

A week later, her father once again asked Zahraa, "Do you love me?"
"Oh yes Dad, you know I love you."
"Then, give me your pearls."
"Oh, Dad, not my pearls! But you can have my favourite toy horse." Zahraa said.
"That's ok," Dad said kissing her. "Bless you, little one. Sweet dreams."

A few days later, when Zahraa's father came to read her a story, she was sitting on her bed-her lip trembling. "Here, Dad," she said holding out her hand. Inside was her beloved pearl necklace. She let it slip into her father's hand.

He then pulled out a blue velvet box. Inside were genuine, beautiful pearls. He had them all along. He was waiting for Zahraa to give up the cheap stuff so he could give her the real thing.

So it is with Almighty Allah. He is waiting for us to give up the useless things in our lives so that he can give us a beautiful treasure. Are you holding onto things which Allah wants you to let go of like harmful partners, relationships, habits & activities you have become so attached to that it seems impossible to let go? Sometimes it's hard to see what's in the other hand but do believe this one thing... Allah Ta'ala will never take away something without giving you something beta in its place.

Remember that the greatest gifts happen when you share love & touch other's hearts.

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