Monday, February 25, 2013

Moment: a very short interval of time

Thought for the week: this moment is all we have

This moment is all we have, did you know that? Whatever has preceded this moment has gone and will never be repeated…

Life is a series of moments threaded together to make memories. I came across a saying on which to base this week’s thought: 

Moment: a very short interval of time

“Live each moment, it may be your last”

Sometimes we rush through our minutes of each day. The days running into each other and before you know it you are a few years older, and you can’t remember much of them.

How quiet it is in our offices. Everybody's brains seem to be connected to their computers till cut off time. We don’t talk anymore. We rather send emails instead of chatting over a cup of coffee. We rush off through the traffic, to get home only to fall down from exhaustion. We sleep restlessly, all the stress-filled dreams racing through our subconscious, only to wake and start the madness again.

Some of us have been granted second-chances, but have we appreciated it?

Have you taken the time to look outside and greet the beautiful sunrise, hear the twitter of the birds in the trees? Have you marvelled at the sunset at the end of the day, celebrating the fact that you have lived through another day?

I wonder if any of the parents I see rushing about in the supermarkets actually take an afternoon to enjoy quality time with the child they are pushing around in the stroller.

Have you actually listened to the laughter in your home? How many hours have passed by without you making contact with your loved ones just to show them how much they mean to you?

Have you stopped to think how precious it is to be alive, to be thankful for the body you live in, for the roof over your head? Do you feel the joy when your telephone rings, knowing that someone out there is thinking about you? What about that first cup of coffee in the morning: have you taken the time to savour its aroma, taste its flavour?

What about the pets you have, do you take the time to enjoy them?
Do you remember the pleasure they used to bring?
Have you tapped into that pleasure recently?
Do you take the time to appreciate the simple pleasures in your career or job?
Have you remembered to be grateful for the fact that you have a job?

Have you seen the change in the seasons and enjoyed each for what it has to offer?
The rainy days with heavy moist air, the scorching heat of summer accompanied by the smells of ‘braaivleis’, the cold winter's morning with the wind in the trees and the fog in the air, the brightly coloured leaves falling on the ground in Autumn?
The thunderstorms with cracks of lightning, the howling gales whipping through the trees, the crash of the waves against the shore, the snow on the Drakensburg, the trickling of the water through the reeds in the rivers.

Promise to savour the moment.

It may be a good idea to promise yourself one thing this weekend: Whatever you are going to do, make sure you savour the moment. Make an effort to ensure that your days do not melt into each other so much that they end up on a heap of forgotten moments.

Too many of us spend our time complaining ... why?

Fair enough, if it is something that we can change, or improve on let's mention it and then go about the task of changing it  - beginning with ourselves!

Each day, each moment is there to be lived. Be in the moment, fully and absolutely. The chance will not come your way again.

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