Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Nikahs and the Quest for Blessings - Part One

New Nikahs and the Quest for Blessings - Part One

“The moment I have anticipated and dreamt of for years has finally come. Soon I will actually witness the nuptials of my beloved child. My heart is also filled with a trickling of fear and apprehension. How I hope and pray that my son/daughter will be happy and that the couple will prove compatible and build a home filled with love, laughter and joy. All I want is that my child must be happy. I realise that all these unspoken ambitions lie solely in the hands of Allah Ta’ala who is the sole and supreme power. How I pray and beg Allah Ta’ala to anoint this occasion of my child’s Nikah with Barakah (blessing) and special mercies from Him.”

Thus far we see a brief picture of the conflict of emotions and aspirations that go through the minds of all parents at this vital juncture in the lives of their children. Finally all their thoughts culminate in the stark realization that in a matter so delicate as marriage, where two completely different personalities are being joined, surely the success of such a tremendous venture lies solely in the hands of Allah Ta'ala and every attempt must be made to ensure that His blessings and acceptance grace this critical juncture of our children's lives. With all this one cannot possibly imagine how these very same parents, who actually have the good of their children at heart, go about this occasion with tireless zeal ensuring that every ingredient found in this Nikah ensures that absolutely no Barakah graces this occasion.

to be continued...

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