Thursday, October 24, 2013

A journey of self-awareness

A journey of self-awareness:
A man once visited Junaid Baghdadi (ra) after performing Hajj. Junaid Baghdadi (ra) said to him:

“From the time you left your home did you also leave behind all wrong actions?” “No,” replied the man. “Then you never really left at all."

At every stop you made on the way, did you also advance another stage in the path to Allah?” “No,” came the reply. “Then you did not really make the journey."

"When you put on your Ihram at the Miqaat, did you discard the attributes of selfhood as you took off your ordinary clothes?” “No.” “Then you did not really take on Ihram."

"When you did Tawaf of the Kab’ah, did you witness the beauty of Allah in the abode of purification?” “No, I did not,” said the man. “Then you did not really do Tawaf."

"When you did Sa’ee between Safa and Marwa, did you reach the rank of Safa (purity) and Muruwwah (virtue)?” “No.” “Then you did not really do Sa’ee."

"When you went out to Mina did your Muna (desires) cease?” “No, they did not.” “Then you never really went to Mina."

"When you stood on ‘Arafat did you experience even a single moment of Ma’rifah (direct knowledge) of Allah?” “No.” “Then you did not really stand on ‘Arafat."

"When you stayed the night at Muzdalifah did you renounce your love of this world?” “No, I did not.” “Then you did not really stay at Muzdalifah."

When you stoned the Jamaraat, did you cast away from yourself everything that stands between you and your Lord?” “No.” “Then you did not really do the stoning.

When you made your sacrifice, did you offer up your lower self to Allah?” “No.” “Then you did not really make a sacrifice and the truth is that you have not properly performed Hajj at all."

"Return and do the Hajj again in the manner I have described so that you may finally truly attain to the Maqam of Ibrahim.”

May Allah accept your Hajj, bless you with his forgiveness and may He grant you the strength to live the lessons of Hajj in your daily lives. 

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