Wednesday, March 05, 2014


The Muslim Lawyers Association has organized a picket calling for the
release of former Guantánamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg.
The picket is expected to take place on Jan Smuts Avenue in Sandton, North
of Johannesburg.

Begg has been remanded in custody after appearing in court in London
charged with terror offences related to Syria.When he appeared at Westminster magistrates’ court he denied the charges of providing terrorist training and of funding terrorism overseas.
Begg is due back in court on 14 March.

The latest planned action in South African comes as lawyers world-wide have
called for his release. A statement of support for Begg has been signed by around 60 prominent UK
and US lawyers, academics and human rights group leaders, asking the police to be vigilant over his treatment, given his experiences at Guantánamo Bay, where he was held for nearly three years.
He was never charged with any offence and returned to the UK in 2005. The Muslim Lawyers Association said they are calling for Begg’s release “in the name of justice”.

A strong social media campaign has been launched to force his release.
Social media users have used the hashtag; #ReleaseMoazzam to express their
anger at his imprisonment.

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