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The Nikah of Salman Farsi RA

The Nikah of Salman Farsi RA
Salman RA married a woman from Kindah. On his wedding night, his friends went with him to the house of the woman. When they reached the house he said to them “Go back, may Allah reward you”. He did not let them in the house. When he looked at the house, he found it covered with drapes, so he said “What happened to your house? Does it have a fever? Or the Ka’ba has been transformed to Kindah?”
He did not enter until they removed all the drapes except for the ones covering the door. When he entered the house he found a lot of goods, so he asked “whose are these?” They said “yours and your wife’s”. He said “that is not what my beloved friend, the Messenger of Allah SAW, advised me. My beloved friend advised me not to have goods(posessions) except as those of a rider”.
He also saw slaves, so he said “Whose slaves are these?” They said “Yours and your wife’s”. He said “That is not what my intimate companion advised me. My beloved friend advised me not to keep except what marry or give for marriage. And if I did and they did something wrong, then I will carry as much sins as they did, without decreasing their sins”. Then he said to the women staying with his wife “are you going to leave me to my wife?” They said “Yes”, and they left.
So he closed the door and the curtains. Then he came to his wife and wiped her forelock, and prayed for her to be blessed.
Then he said to her are “I am going to tell you something, so are you going to obey me?” She said “Yes,you are in the position of who should be obeyed. “. He said “My close companion (SAW) advised me, when I come together with my wife, to gather on the obedience of Allah”. Then he stood up for salaah and she followed him and they prayed as much as they could. Then they shared the bed. In the morning, his companions came to him and asked him “How did you find your wife?” He looked the other way, but they asked him again and looked the other way again, ignoring them three times. Then he said ‘Allah created veils,curtains and the doors to hide what is behind it. You can only ask about what appears to you. But do not ask about what is not shown to you. I heard the Messenger of Allah saying, that those persons who narrate such things are like donkeys being intimate on a street.’
SOURCE: Abu Nu’aym-Hilya. Found in Hayatus Sahaba Chapter on Nikah of the Companions.
Nikah was meant to be an Ibadah and marriage is something personal ,therefore keep both as such inshaAllah and let go of the puppet strings of social media and ‘people will say.’
May Allah make our hearts strong enough to choose the simplicity and ease of RasulAllah SAW and the Sahabah RA Aameen.

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