Friday, April 04, 2008

Jummah Yet Again??!

As I get to bed past midnight I realise that tomorrow another Jummah will dawn upon I reflect upon the weeks that seems to fly by and the week that has just past...All that I have done and yet to do, seems like time is too short and before you know the days over!

Hmm why is it that there seems to be no Barkhat in time neither any value in the things we do....its like time just slips aways and its already the end of the month when it just began...

Anyway on a lighter note, I look forward to my weekend which entails some shopping for our new home ;)
seems like that's all we've been doing since February is window shopping and than doing some really serious shopping....okay time to sign off till later!

PS before I forget I wish you all Jummah Mubarak to you and your families on this blessed day!
Kindly remember the Ummah of Nabi (SAW), the weak, oppressed, the sick, our Marhoomeen, as well as my family and I in your Dua’as, likewise we will do the same, Jazakallah.
Take care & have a blessed day, Inshallah

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bb_aisha said...

lovely blog, mashallah. & u posted so much stuff-all thought provoking. yeah, i'm permanently in shock at how much time just goes by in a blink. it's already april & yet i can't think of how exactly the months have gone. it's just a blur. but this is a minor sign of qiyaamat & we should all stive to maximise our time & use it wisely