Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Never let a good thing slip trough your fingers
Never miss an opportunity - you never know what's in store for you
Never be scared to take chances - go for it, it's worth it, every thing worth a risk is worth it in the end
Never make promises and don't keep it - That Hurts
Never degrade the next persons' standards - If you cannot say something good rather not say anything at all
Never stay upset for too long - it's not worth it, life's way too short
Never be too proud to say sorry or ask for forgiveness
Never be embarrassed about your family, no matter what - They are all that you got and Allah (swt) blessed you with them
Never give in - try again, you might get it right
Never depend on the next person - be independent
Never compare yourself with the next person - You are unique
Never let people bring you down - Its not worth it
Never be scared to say how you feel, you're only human
Never break a heart, yours can be broken too
Never build things inside of you, rather let it out
Never be scared to change - change is good for the right reasons
Never think less of yourself - there's only one of you, You are Special as Allah (swt) has made you to be!
Never forget to love yourself first before you love the next person
Never say never, you never know!

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