Thursday, May 08, 2008

Jummah Mubarak

Abdul & Khalid were shipwrecked on a dessert island. They found that they could not agree on anything so they decided to divide the island in two and see whose dua’as would be answered first. Abdul made dua’a for food and he received what he asked for, yet Khalid had no food & Abdul did not think to share any of his food.

Abdul made dua’a for a shelter and wont you know it the next day he found some strong wood to build a hut, and still Khalid had nothing. This went on until Abdul made dua’a for a ship to rescue him and he had no sooner asked Allah (SWT) had it been provided, and still Khalid had nothing.

On the day the ship came to rescue Abdul, he looked over at his neighbour & decided that because he had made dua’a for all these things and he had asked Allah (SWT) for all these things only he deserved to be saved by the passing ship so he left Khalid stranded on the island. While in deep sleep in the ship Abdul had a dream in which he spoke to Allah (SWT) and he asked Allah both Khalid and I made dua’a to be rescued from the island why is it that only I was saved. Allah (SWT) then replied, you made dua’a for food, shelter & to be saved, Khalid made dua’a to ask me to give you all that you asked for.

In our busy & selfish lives how many of us make dua’a for others? Don’t wait for illness, calamity & disaster to strike before making dua’a for another person even if it is for something simple like happiness…………………….


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