Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are they for real??


http://www.ciibroadcasting.com/index.ph ... h-churches

An Afrikaner right-wing group based in South Africa, Volksnennote, has openly called for a concerted effort to stop the spread of Islam in the country. The leadership of the group includes Eugene Terre Blanche. The man commonly associated with the Afrikaner Weerstand Beweging addressed a group of about 300 Afrikaners.
They converged at the Vegkop monument near Heilbron in the Free State on Heritage Day. Terre Blanche reportedly called on God to restore the land to the boers. This he says will allow Christians to build churches where Muslims "with their strange cults" had erected their "foreign" places of worship.Various other speakers also made serious racially motivated remarks that are being described as insults to black people worldwide.
The SA Human rights commission will now be looking into the matter. One speaker, Frikkie Strausss reportedly said that the African person is genetically programmed for destruction. Everything he touches, he destroys.
Do people still live in the stone ages??


Azra said...

Disturbing. But I have a feeling we'll always have right-wing activists in this country. Fortunately for now, they're waaay outnumbered.

Saaleha said...

funny how the more things change the more they stay the same. But seriously though, there will always be those who spout poisonous rhetoric. We just go on our way doing the right thing. And leave them to the task of sickening themselves