Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The end in sight....!


Where has the time gone to, it feels surreal that Ramadaan 1430 begin a short while ago...Whislt today I hear tha Eid preparations are being made as we speak!

At this Juncture let us approach Ramadaan by dedicating ourselves during these most auspicious days and nights to ﷲا

We hear of funerals of our Muslim brothers and sisters on a daily basis - some of us have buried our loved ones....use this as a lesson for each us!
The last ten nights of Ramadaan are special , in which it is reported That
ﷲا accepts our Dua'as. Please make me Maaf and may ﷲا accept all our Dua'as - Kindly remember us in your Dua'as....

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Americanising Desi said...

time has a spell of its own today.
it escapes from beneath us and leaves us wondering where it all went.
such is life and those who have departed, may Allah give them he bounties of heavens as promised