Friday, January 28, 2011

Malyasia - Kuala Lumpur Thailand - Phuket

Phuket was a said shopping destination (of Fong Kong stuff) however the shopping in Kuala Lumpur was much much better...We stayed in Kata Beach 45 minutes from Patong Beach in a nice resort over looking the Hill. The food though was another story and after eating fish for a few days you feel for home food...

Malaysia we enjoyed as the food was Halaal and we had a blast shopping and shopping some more...Berjaya Times Square and Petrona Towers we my hang out where you have every designer label you can think certainly is a shoppers paradise. Hubby can tell you stories of the shopping we did :)
This picture was taken from my room balcony :)


Edge Of Where said...

Which hotel did you stay at in KL. I am thinking of the JW Marriott in KL for my honeymoon any thoughts on it or is there somewhere else you might recommend (

Princess said...

Salaams Yusuf

We stayed at Seri Pacific near the Putrajaya Convention Center, it’s about 10 minutes from Petrona Towers. What was nice about the location we had a Mall called “Mall” across the street which has a Cold Storage our equivalent of Pick ‘n Pay, McDonald’s & Pizza Hut.

If you want to really experience Malaysia - spend a few days in KL….the hotel lists are endless depending on your budget, comfort and what you would like to see in terms of sightseeing. Then consider visiting Penang & Langkawi – these are seaside towns and really stunning with azure waters.

We spent 14 days in Malaysia, Thailand and the Phi Phi Islands…Thailand is really stunning except food not being Halaal is a major drawback. Food in Malaysia is all Halaal. The Nando’s & KFC is divine

We had a wonderful time in Malaysia and plan on going back Inshallah soon…

Hope this helps?

Blue Pearl said...

I loved malaysia more than thailand - everyone is just so cheerful.
Just looking at your pics today made me miss it all over again!