Thursday, October 06, 2011

Pilgrims are Guests of Allah, the Almighty

Pilgrims are Guests of Allah, the Almighty

“And perform properly the Hajj and Umra for Allah” (Surah 2 Verse 196)

It happened during the course of the week in a place called “Blikkies Dorp.” so named because all the homes in the area are constructed of tin and corrugated metal. It was on the eve of the departure for Hajj of an elderly couple who reside in Blikkies Dorp when virtually the entire populace converged on their humble home to bid them Al-Wida. Perhaps they are the first residents of that locality that have been afforded this blessed opportunity. We can but imagine the fervour, excitement and sheer joy that transpired that night.

Hajj still remains the ultimate spiritual journey. Modern travel, state of the art facilities and five star packages have made no impact on the auspiciousness and sacredness of this journey, especially for those who will only have one single opportunity to travel there. This spiritual journey which is undertaken solely and only for the pleasure of Allah must feature as the pinnacle of our spiritual quests. This most definitely underpins the aura and fervour of this magnificent journey.

We can only empathise and feel for the many that are still waiting for their accreditation. The reality is that no civil servant or for that matter diplomat can prevent anyone from going. If the Almighty has invited then rest assured His guests will reach the blessed lands. This agonising waiting period should serve only to increase our desire and enhance our ability to remain steadfast and patient.

It is our du’aa that Allah facilitates and makes easy for those who have made the intention of Hajj. May Allah return them cleansed and elevated and may the Harmain Shareefain remain safe from those that have evil intents. (Aameen)

May teh Almighty grant each of us to visit this Mubarak places, Aameen

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