Thursday, November 17, 2011

Point to Ponder

As Salaamu Alaikum w.w.

Nike, Adidas, Armani, Gucci, Polo, Swarovski, Rado, Seiko, Cartier, Gautier, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal etc etc etc!

From top to toe, we arr all very happy to sport the latest designer wear, letting our bodies become advertisement boards for the various fashion houses – indeed – we pay “THEM” for the privilege of doing this for them!! Yet, we are not happy to sport any Islamic clothing on our person, least it should attract attention!

We are not happy to wear Kurta, Topi, Scarf, Niqab, Abaya or even grow a beard, least anyone queries us “why/what/how/who?”, yet, we are happy to tell all & sundry about our latest acquisition of the latest fashion range. Indeed, we regale them as to how many hours we had to queue up to get it!!

Why? We are so cowed by “secular” world view that we are unable to declare our love for our beloved Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Aasalam and Allah clearly & openly. We can wear our badges to show our support for other causes in full public view, but never can we wear our Islamic garb.

I am not suggesting that people change their dress code overnight or don’t support good causes – there is rules & regulations that we need to abide to, but apart from that, why are we not happy to declare our love for our Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam and Allah? Do we keep a Masjid, Kabah or any thing Islamic on our desktop or screen saver? Ashwariya Rai & Katrina Kaif, is OK, but Islam is not!

Could this be a status thing, we wear d name to get d status but don’t realise there is no better status the been a Muslim & been proud of it. We rather be branded as a Tommy, Joe, Moe, Shabs, Amy instead of our Muslim names & promoting our Muslim identity, We, as Muslims, have become too scared to declare our faith / identity openly. We often do not declare ourselves “religious” – afraid to be branded as a “Terrorist”! It’s a great shame!

Sadly, a lot of these branded names mock your religion, some of the manufacturers (originators) of these designers are atheists, Satan worshippers, some of them have the devil or the cross on them etc etc. & we assist them by promoting the products. What’s more sad is that leave alone the skippers or the blouses now you get kurta’s & abaya’s with these branded names printed in large writing and we perform our prayers in these garbs. May Allah save me as well as all who receive this email and keep me on the straight path & give us all Heedayah. Aameen

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