Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Muharram & the Islamic New Year

Muharram & the Islamic New Year 1435

The month of Muharram heralds the beginning of the Islamic New Year. The advent of a new year generally coincides with the adoption of new resolutions. Generally these resolutions are directed towards our material needs: our homes, cars, assets; or our person: becoming healthier, improving our education, etc.

However at this juncture let us focus on the deteriorating conditions facing the Muslim Ummah at large. We need to analyse our position in the midst of all this turbulence and seeks ways of reversing these calamities and drawing Allah’s Mercy instead. To win Allah’s favour we need to bring a change into the lives of Muslims the world over. But for change to take place globally it must first start locally.

In order to achieve this there needs to be a shift of focus. Instead of aiming at material growth, let us aim for spiritual growth. Instead of worrying over our physical appearance, why not aim at improving our inner selves? Wealth and physical beauty seem to be on everyone's agenda but what about our humanity that gives us value as humans? Honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and love for humanity are also precious resources. Though they may not have monetary value, they are indeed more valuable than gold and silver. They are the values that give us true worth as humans and make us assets to our communities.

As Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam profoundly observed,
“Verily, Allah looks not at your wealth or your physical features. Rather, He looks at your hearts and your deeds.”

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