Tuesday, December 03, 2013

How Apt...

Once upon a time a wealthy old man lived alone in a very big house. He was growing weak day by day and was unable to take care of himself and the big house, so he thought of hiring servants who could help with all the work of the house and also take care of him.

The old man appointed two servants Salim and Ahmed. Salim happened to be a handsome young man and Ahmed was an ugly looking chap. The old man asked Salim to go to the kitchen and make tea for him. After Salim had left, the old man turned to Ahmed and said, “Salim has given a very bad account of you. He says you are very bad person and untrustworthy. Is this correct?”
Ahmed thought for a moment and said, “Salim is a very handsome guy. He has a beautiful outward appearance so this must be reflected by his inward beauty too”. Ahmed had the belief that such a handsome man could never tell a lie. He therefore told the old man, “If Salim has bad opinion about me, then there must be something wrong with me. I am afraid he must be correct”
The old man was very much impressed by the character of ugly looking Ahmed. Meanwhile, Salim returned with a cup of tea for his master.

The old man sent Ahmed to make breakfast for him and then turned to Salim and said, “Ahmed has given a bad account of you. What do you say about it?” On hearing this Salim became angry and started uttering cusswords. He said that Ahmed was a liar and a scoundrel.

The Old man thus concluded that the man with a beautiful face had no inner beauty while the man looking ugly outward had tremendous inner beauty.

Moral of the Story: Do not jump to conclusions just by looking at the outward beauty. The outward beauty is deceiving most of the times. If you want to judge how worthy and beautiful a person is judge his inner beauty, his heart. You do not have to be handsome / beautiful to be nice, kind and compassionate, and you do not have to be handsome / beautiful to be intelligent, smart and hard-working. Not all handsome and beautiful people are nice! Real beauty does not lie in the physical appearance, but rather in the heart.

Courtesy Radio Islam Newsletter

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