Monday, February 24, 2014

Virtues of the Kalimah

Virtues of the Kalimah and reading it continously - Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali

It is the price to pay for the Gardens of Paradise (jannah).
He whose last words are laa ilaaha illallaah will enter the Gardens of Paradise.
It is salvation from the Hellfire.
It necessitates being forgiven.
It is the best of all good actions.
It wipes away sins.
It renews the faith (eemaan) that is planted in the heart.
It outweighs, on the scales, the records of sins.
It traverses all barriers until it reaches Allaah the Majestic.
It is a kalimah whose sayer Allaah declares truthful.
It is the best of what the Prophets have said.
It is the best form of remembrance, the best of all actions and the one that is multiplied the most [in reward].
It is equivalent to freeing slaves.
It is a protection against Shaytaan and from the terror of the gathering (al-hashr).
It is a distinguishing sign for the Believers when they emerge from their graves.

All eight gates of Paradise will be opened to its testifier and he may enter by any one he chooses. Even if its testifier enters the Hellfire due to falling short in fulfilling [some of] its rights, most definitely, that person will eventually be taken out from it.

Source: Kalimatul-Ikhlaas, Pages 54-66 by Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali

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