Monday, July 14, 2014

You Want to be Like Her? WHO???

You Want to be Like Her? WHO???

She is Khadija (R.A): The first to accept Islam,a successful business woman a supporter to the early development of Islam,a philanthropist,I.e the first wife of the prophet (S.A.W).

She is Maryam (A.S): A virgin that give birth to prophet Isah (A.S), she sweeps and clean masjid day and night, She submitted herself to Allah and a surah in the Qur'an is named after her Suratul Maryam.

She is Aisha (R.A): The beloved wife of prophet (S.A.W). A devoted worshipper an educationist, scholar and a teacher of the science of hadith youth as she was, she was highly generous in memorization of qur'an and hadith.

She is Asiya (R.A): A woman of unshakable Imaan (faith), Foster mother of prophet Musa (A.S). A wife to a rich, powerful and dictator king fir'aun but yet full of wisdom. She forsake materialism and chosen Allah and the Hereafter.

She is Ummu Ammar (Summayya R.A): The first woman to embrace Islam outside the family of prophet (S.A.W). The first Muslim to be matryed.

She is Ummu Sulaim (Rumaysa bint Milhan): One of The military woman who fought at the battle field while she was pregnant during the time of prophet (S.A.W).

She is Fatima (R.A): Beloved daughter of the prophet (S.AW).an obedient wife and caring mother, a nurse and a doctor who treated the injured and wounded at the battle field during the time of prophet (S.A.W).

YES: We are proud, we are too precious: why? Because in The Qur'an, Allah named a Surah after us. Surah An-Nisah (The chapter of women)

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