Monday, July 07, 2014

Check The Label

Check The Label - Boycott Israeli Dates


We often check the ingredients on food packaging to decide if foods are good for our health and if they are halal. This campaign extends the concept to ‘check the label’ to ensure the dates we eat during Ramadhan are good for our body and soul!

Every year, Israel exports millions of pounds worth of dates to the world, which many people unknowingly buy and use to break their fasts. These dates are grown in illegal settlements in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, on land that has been stolen from Palestinians. By buying these dates, we are in fact helping Israel to continue its occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people.
Ramadan is a time of year when we remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves. It is a time we feed ourselves spiritually. Therefore it would be an affront if at such a time we helped support
oppression buy buying these dates.

With your help over the past four years the 'check the label' campaign has grown significantly and we have had great successes due to your hard work, time and dedication. The campaign has gone to the heart of the communities in cities and towns across the UK to ensure no one buys these dates. However there is still a lot of work to be done.

We need your help to:
- distribute leaflets after prayers, especially after Jummah
- put up posters on your mosque notice board
- post up selfies holding the leaflet using #icheckthelabel
- Use #icheckthelabel
#icheckthelabel to stand with Palestinians
#icheckthelabel because it's the right thing to do
#icheckthelabel because I have a voice
#icheckthelabel because I have a voice and I'm going to use it
#icheckthelabel because I don't buy stolen goods #awkward
#icheckthelabel because I have a choice #yaffa #zaytoun
#icheckthelabel as I don't want to fund Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine
#icheckthelabel because I don't want Israel profiting from the occupation
#icheckthelabel so I'm doing my bit to end the occupation
#icheckthelabel because I am not a thief. I don't want to buy stolen goods

Order your campaign material now and get ready. Email with your address and the number of leaflets, poster and stickers you need. Please let us know which mosque you will distribute outside/put up a poster.

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