Tuesday, June 09, 2015

A Daughter's Dua'a

A Daughter's Dua'a

My mother nurtured me to be strong and beautiful inside out, just like the roots of a flower, when I sway help me to stand firm again.

My father disciplined me to be a principled valued member of society. When I feel like my integrity is being questioned or trampled upon, help me to rise again and stand tall.

My mother taught me the art of sharing and the etiquette of caring, when I feel cold in my heart, help me to share and care again let warmth radiate through.

My father placed his protective hand over my head when fear gripped me and gave me courage to face those fears. When I feel scared to stand up for justice strengthen the impediment in my speech and clear the thick cloud of doubt that may surround me.

My mother thought me to love with each beat of my heart; she loved me unconditionally even when I acted like a little monster. When I attempt to instill goodness and love in children, help me to show them the right way.

My mother, my father - Unqualified teachers,
Who taught me the value of life...

Shukran to Allah (swt) for blessing me with you both...For the ocean of knowledge you have shaed with me is invaluable - I am proud to be your student!

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