Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The Fault Finders

The Fault Finders

There are some people you come across who just seem to find fault with everything. Often the intentions behind such remarks are malicious.

We want to put someone down, we want to belittle them so we criticise everything they do and we find fault with it. It may seem like nothing to us but the punishment is severe.

In a tradition related by Hadrat Rashid bin Sa'ad it is related that the Holy Prophet observed "I saw some people who were hanging by their breasts" I enquired: "these are those who found faults with others and brought calumnies against them" (Ahmed)

*Calumny:making false or damaging statements about someone.
Therefore before your tongue itches to say something nasty, before your fingers itch to type something nasty think about the consequences, not only for the person you're about to hurt but for yourself too.

May Allah (swt) save us from this, Aameen

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