Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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We praise Allah for the bounties He bestows upon us and for giving us the best gift of all, Imaan, we also send Durood and Greeting upon the best of creation, Nabi Muhammed (S.A.W). I ask Allah to accept this advice that I give firstly unto myself as a reminder, then to my readers. The following ahadith are of somewhat importance to us as Muslims yet unfortunately we don't treat them as such, IF YOU HAVE NEVER PAID ATTENTION TO THE PREVIOUS AHADITH, I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT U SAVE THIS AND FORWARD TO ALL!!

Remember death as it cuts short all pleasures of the Dunyah.

Attending a Janaazah on Jummah made me realise how sudden death is and also if we are truly prepared for it, now that sounds like a contradiction, I know, but think about it for a minute, if we could only see into what death holds for us, or the life of the grave(which is the world u enter into after your life on death upon waiting for judgement day), then we would become a much better aabid(worshipper.)

Another hadith states :if animals had knowledge about death as we do, you won't get a healthy animal for eating as they will pine away in fear of death.! Ya Allah, the torment of death , my beloved brothers and sisters is awaiting all of us , i type this with shivers as i am so afraid , we sin so much every day, we lie, we abandon Allah and the sunnah, where does our fate lie?

Hadhrat Ayesha (ra) has said that when Nabi(SAW) was dying, laying next to him was a glass of water and constantly he would dip his hand into and moisten his face with water and prayed to Allah to relieve him from the agonies of death Now I'm really worried, if the Nabi (SAW) of Allah , who was sinless , also experienced the pangs of death, my dear reader, can u imagine what torture lies in store for us??

Someone once asked a Sahabah, to explain the process of when the rooh(soul) is being extracted from the body, a reply was that it is as if taking satin and pulling across thorns, as it rips, such is the comparison.

Hadith states : if we knew about the punishment of the grave then we would not want to bury our deceased. Allahu Akbar, if death is already such a hardship for insaan (man), how will we bear athaabul qabr?(torment of the grave)

Once a very wise moulana was explaining to us at a taaliem that when a woman giving birth and going into labour, those pains are not even a percent of the pain when experienced at death.

Can we afford not to think about death?

Allah says in the Qura'an: every soul shall have a taste of death. Oh my beloved reader, what do u think our deaths will taste like? We are living in an age whereby vices and evils are at its peak, Islam is only practised when its convenient and Allah is only sought when in difficulty, i ask u once more, will we be ready to leave when maalikul mout (angel of death) comes to fetch us?

Will we now perform our Salaahs on time? will we now give the 2.5% zakaah as we are supposed to, will we now stop going to clubs, drinking and taking drugs? Will we now stop committing zinnah and conforming to ideologies of the kuffaar and enemies of Islam, that will only drag us deeper in to the pits of hell??

Hadith says : if u remember death at least 20 times and night and day, you will die as a martyr. The Nabi (SAW) said recite the Dua'a: oh Allah grant us blessings at the time of death and after death and whoever recites it 25 times a day, he gets the death of a Shahid (martyr).

Death is inevitable, a Muslim or any human for that matter, our lives only begins after death, for our actions here in this world determines where we will bring forth the remainder of our existence. THE ONLY GUARANTEE U HAVE IN LIFE IS DEATH. LIFE'S BIGGEST SECRET IS DEATH.

Let us not live with the mistake that we are still young, and will reform ourselves when we get older or when we marry, let us not wait for Ramadhan to come to become punctual in our duties unto Allah. I ask Allah to accept this, i ask u to read this and ponder over it, how many of our beloved were here for last Ramadhan but is not here for the upcoming one? Let us cry unto Allah to forgive us for our sins, let us be what we were made for, let us be Muslims and let us fulfill our purpose of existence , to worship Allah in its entirety. Make Dua'a for the deceased , that Allah forgives them and alleviates the punishment
of the grave, let Allah fill their qabrs (graves) with nur (light) and let they be granted Jannah, Aameen

I pray that we all use this and inform others, kindly remember my family, our marhoomeen(the deceased) and the Ummah at large in your special Dua'as ~ Aameen, Ya Rabbal Aalameen

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