Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nufaysah Bint Hasan


Known for her commitment to Islam, she would frequently fast, and it is reported that she performed hajj over 30 times. The scholar Imam Shafi, is said to have learned and been taught from her. Imam Shafi thought so much of her that he stated in his would that he wanted his funeral procession to pass by her home - and when it passed by her home she prayed the funeral prayer. She passed during the month of Ramadan whilst reciting the Qura’an.


Anonymous said...


I named my daughter after this Saint, her full name was Nafeesa Taahira - A rare lady of purity.

Princess said...

Was-Salaams. marshallah indeed it is a lovely name. May Allah (swt) grant your daughter the best in this Dunya & Aakirah, Aameen

Anonymous said...

im actually surprised that u wrote abt her, because they never mention this lady alot, so when i started reading ur series on lady personalities the first thing that came to my mind was, i wonder if she will write abt Sayidina Nafeesa Taahira.
Where did u get the info from?
Insha Allah oneday i would like to take my daughter to Egypt to visit her grave

Abu Nafeesa

Princess said...

I'm doing a series on Nabi (saw)'s companions and family so as to learn and educate my readers.

Inshallah Aameen to your Dua'a.