Tuesday, March 03, 2009

IslamicGoogle: a search engine for information about Islam, Muslims

New Delhi: A new search engine exclusive for information about Islam and Muslims has been launched. Powered by Google the IslamicGoogle search engine will use "safe search" technology and produces results from all over the internet with more preference to famous Islamic websites.

“Islamic search engine powered by Google striving to provide an easy to use resource to anyone wanting to learn more about Islam and provide a good way for Muslims to surf the web safely,” says the search engine.

“IslamicGoogle is powered by Google using "safe search" technology, it produces results from all over the internet with more weighting to given to famous Islamic websites and eliminates the vast majority of unsavoury content, such as pornography, it apply strict filtering for both explicit text and explicit images.” The website, however, is not associated with the search giant Google.com.

“The site is not associated or affiliated with Google.com, we work closely with Google to help ensure that the results are not objectionable in nature, however, some of the results and adverts that are displayed may not be in line with Islam and we do not endorse any of the results or adverts displayed on Islamic Google.”


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Azra said...

Sounds really cool!