Friday, March 06, 2009

Jummah Mubarak

Every prayer must be performed as if it’s one's last prayer in this world

Wonderful things are

Carefully created by ALLAH

Wonderful moments are

Carefully planned by ALLAH

People like you are

Carefully chosen by ALLAH!

WE belong to the Deen of Islam

How WONDERFUL is that…

May ALLAH give us the strength on this day,

May ALLAH forgive us for all our sins on this day,

May ALLAH protect us from evil on this day,

May ALLAH give us health on this day,

May ALLAH keep us save to our distension on this day,

May ALLAH accept all our DU'AH's on this day,


Let us make SHUKR to ALLAH for everything he has done for us “TAKBEER” Allahu Akbar

Jummah Mubarak


M Junaid said...

cool pic :)

Princess said...

Thanks for stopping by! I liked the pic too...