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The Role of the Wife in Islam

The Role of the Wife in Islam

The blessed Prophet (saw) said, "The whole world is a provision, and the best object of provision in this world is the pious woman."

In Islam, the wife plays a pivotal role in married life and her role necessitates that she possess certain qualities, thus making her a good wife. Her thoughts, speech, actions and inclinations are all for the sake of gaining the pleasure of Allah (swt), The Lord of the Universe. When a wife seeks to please her husband, ultimately it is the pleasure of Allah (swt) that she wishes to seek. The qualities that a wife should possess, which are liked by her Creator have been outlined in Soorah al-Ahzaab. The Muslim woman is a true woman, humble, patient, constant, guards her modesty in her husband's absence, maintains integrity in times of adversity and prosperity and engages much in the praise of Allah (swt).

When a Muslim wife marries she must understand that she has certain roles and responsibilities in Islaam, which are unique by her Creator. Allah (swt) has made women different to men as mentioned in the Noble Qura'an "And wish not for the things which Allah (swt) has made some of you excel others and for men there is reward for what they have earned and likewise for women there is reward for what they have earned, ask Allah of His bounty, surely, Allah is ever All-Knower of everything." (4:32).

We can see from this aayah that Allah (swt) has made clear distinction between a man and a woman's role and it is not lawful for a man or woman to question the defined roles as Allah (swt) says, "It is not lawful for a man or woman when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter, that they should have a say over it." (33:36)

Hence the Muslim wife being the true servant of Allah (swt) will serve her husband according to the principles of the Sharee'ah (Islamic law), and in return the husband has certain duties he must fulfil towards his wife.

Among other rights, the wife has the right to Nafaqah, which is food, clothing and shelter, from her husband. He is obliged to spend from his wealth for it even if she possesses her own wealth. The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said, "Your wives have a right on you that you provide them with food, clothing and shelter in a fitting manner." (Muslim)

It is important to note that when the wife carries out her duties towards her husband, she does it as an act of submission to her Creator; hence her reward is from her Creator. The Prophet (saw) loved his wives for their piety. 'Aa'ishah (ra) once narrated the fine qualities of Zaynab (ra), the seventh wife of the Prophet (saw): "Zaynab was the one who was somewhat equal in rank with me in the eyes of Allah's Messenger and I have never seen a woman more advanced in piety than Zaynab, more god-conscious, more truthful, more alive to the ties of blood, more generous and having more sense of self sacrifice in practical life and having more charitable disposition and thus more closer to Allah."

Such great Muslim women are examples for us, worthy of emulation, from which a Muslim woman can learn purity, strength of character, soundness of belief and wisdom. For emulation of the Mothers of Paradise can only lead us to the bounty of Paradise (inshallaah).

Abu Nu'aym narrated that the Prophet (saw) said, "When a woman observes the five times of prayer, fasts during Ramadan, preserves her chastity and obeys her husband, she may enter Paradise by any of the gates she wishes." (Al-Bukhaari, al-Muwatta' and Musnad of Imaam Ahmad).

Its better to be hated for what you are and loved for what you not.Pay no mind for those who talk behind your back it simply means that your two steps ahead.Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind. The measure of love is when you love without measure.....


Azra said...

Nice post...especially the last part.
It's inspiring.

:: Princess :: said...

Salaams Azra, it thought so too :)

Anonymous said...

so people are right, muslim women are oppressed by men. Why did God give you brains if men should decide for you, if you were not ment to use it? He could have made you without at mouth to speak your opinion, and just give you arms to cook, and uterus to give birth. And a beutiful apperance- the wife who is created for a man. But no, Women we´re given brains. They were created euqals in faith. The profets wifes wer´re business women, making their own decisions, they were involved in politics and religion, and taking part in discussions - also with the profet. The Profet also said, build half of the religion on Women. Why? Because Women have brains. He told the Men to careholders for Women, so the responsibility for a good marriage is not only womens, the Man has also a part in the marriage, to keep it the sign of loveful feelings that it was made to be. And the opposite of love is oppression, violence and domination. That´s how you kill faith.

samolakisses said...

"Anonymous" is a coward and none of what they said made any sense, either. People want to bash us, but that's fine. It's Allah's word they're actually bashing, not us, and they'll have their day in Judgement and have to account for the horrible things they say.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous!! I will disrespect any religion... But I am an adult and Im researching every religion to find the one I believe will give me the most peaceful and fulfilling life. And unfortunately as a WOMEN Islam would be my LAST choice!

Anonymous said...

I meant WILL NOT disrespect ANY religion.

umm sufyan n sofya said...

Anonymous although it's been two years n I m hoping your search is finished by now and it's at your last choice if not I pray for u to come on the right path my sister