Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Nasihah (Advice): Muslims are urged to ensure that Musallas situated in public places are kept clean and tidy at all times especially the Wudhu area. This appeal goes out after receiving complaints at the Jamiat regarding Musalla at the Durban (King Shaka) International Airport. Many complaints have been received regarding the unsightly state of the place after use by irresponsible Musallis. In particular, Musallis who make Wudhu at the premises do not wipe their feet or allow their feet to dry before stepping onto the carpeted area, thus causing the carpet to become damp and give off an offensive odour. This reflects unfavourably against Muslims and is against the teachings of Islam. Remember: Cleanliness is a significant portion of Imaan (Hadith, Sahih Muslim #: 223)


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jazak alah kahir for sharing.

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