Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Spare a Thought and Please Help!

As-Salamu-Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatu

Where to start?

Help needed for a family in Riverlea Extension.

Both Dawood Conzalves and his wife are blind.

They have 3 kids and the one 7yr old girl is also blind.

They survive on a grant every month, but still need your help.

The house

The roof needs urgent repair - The house next door (semi’s) burnt down 3 months ago and neighbors trying to save the house next door damaged this family’s roof.

Some good Samaritans rebuilt the neighbor’s house but now this blind couple is left with a roof with 2 massive holes in it.

No hot water – The family needs a geyser. At present they have to boil water on a stove for washing etc.

Toilet is outside, the kids sleep next to the bath.

The 7yr old daughter – Is at a boarding school for the blind in Cape Town. She can only come home during the school holidays and was last home over the Easter holidays. She had to stay behind during the June holidays as the family could not afford to bring her home. Please can you assist to bring this little girl home for the September holidays?

Your help if possible is needed for –

- Getting the 7yr old home for the holidays, family has not seen her since April.

- Repairs or replacement of the roof & ceiling before the rain season starts

- Geyser for hot water

- Cupboards for packing space

- Bunks and beds for the family

- Fencing to secure the property

- Cement to level the floors

- Paint to freshen up the place

Any donations can also be dropped off at Scooters Bosmont.

If you can assist in any way, please contact : -

Ebrahim – 073 917 7459, Nizar – 083 268 4768, Marwaan – 082 358 3255, Sumaya – 082 655 6286

May Allah reward you richly for your contributions - Aameen

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