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A Message to the Muslim Youth

A Message to the Muslim Youth

Here are 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1 :

Imran is a 23 year old young man. He has just finished University , has started a job and wants to enjoy life. He has no balance of deen and duniya, is simply after the chase of the duniya. He spends all his time and money in restaurants, cinemas, shopping, clubbing, 'checking' out girls, having relationships with girls, no involvement in Dawaah, can’t really be bothered with Ramadhan, doesn’t really care about giving to charity and is just enjoying this temporary life with no time for Salah, reading Quraan and keeping a fine balance of deen and duniya.

He is very ignorant towards the deen and can’t be bothered with it thinking people are just too extreme. Unfortunately he also drinks alcohol. He is too busy running after the worldly pleasures and sees this as his only goal to have pleasure in the worldly affairs. He has no interest in Islam and when Ramadhan comes, he takes no interest in this pillar of Islam and even struggles to fast. He needs to save up for his dream 'Audi' car to impress his mates and the girls.

Scenario 2:

Kashif is a 23 year old young man. He has just finished University. He has started a job and is greatful to Allah swt. He makes sure he offers his Salah, he reads his Quraan and keeps well away from clubbing, nightclubs where alcohol is served. He does enjoy life too by going out with his mates for a meal at a restaurant, chilling out with his mates and having a laugh. He enjoys sports and will soon be going for Hajj insha'Allah, he has made pure intention.

He finds time for his Jummah Salah, his 5 prayers, he spends some spare time in Charity work and he attends Islamic lectures and Dawaah classes to strengthen his Imaan.

Kashif does not have any 'girlfriends' and does not wish to engage in any form of haraam before marriage.

He knows from his young friends who have died, that death can strike at any age. He also tries his very best to offer the evening prayers in the Musjid whenever possibly he can as he knows there is a famous hadith about the person who spends their youth in the worship of Allah swt will be shaded by Allah swt insha'Allah on the day of Judgement... SubhnaAllah, having Allah swt's shade.

In the above examples , you can see 2 very clear illustrations. Imran is heavily engrossed in the full chase of the duniya, thinks he is young ,energetic, youthful and spends all his time and efforts in the 'chase' of the duniya. He has no real balance and is quite happy to lead this worldly life.

Whereas Kashif, has a perfect balance where he is enjoying a clean social life, but he is also trying to keep a good balance of deen and duniya. Noting, Kashif is well kept away from haram influences and fears Allah swt. He is fearful of Allah swt and fully recognises he will return to Allah swt to account for his life and purpose.

However, this is the real thinking point. Allah hu Alim. When Imran gets to 40 he may be become much more maturer and start to question life. He may start to realise that death is not far away and then start to get closer to the deen.

His life will then flash by him and he will realise that it’s too late, his youth has gone and he will reflect on how he spent his youth, all the opportunities he missed to do dawaah, all the Salah he missed and how his youth has simply vanished...gone into thin air. He will reflect and feel upset realising that his youth has gone and there is no turning back. How he wished he had a good balance, had not went clubbing and had spent time in the Musjid. His youth has gone..**

Whereas Kashif, insha'Allah, he will feel a bit more of ease when he is 40. His life too will flash by him and he will pray that Allah swt accepts all his Ibaadah, extra worship during his youth and pray that all his 17 Ramadhans that went by, his sins were forgiven and that his fasts and Quraan reading will intercede for him on Qiyaamah. He will feel a bit more comfortable compared to Imran, because he kept an amazing balance of deen and duniya during his youth, refraining from haraam. His conscious will be much more clear and he will not feel as much guilt and pain as Imran will be feeling at the age of 40. Kashif was sensible and took much better advantage of his youth realising that his youth and energy will come to an end one day and he should take full advantage of his youth in the best possible way.

Look, it’s not to say that Imran still hasn’t got a chance. If he is now 40 and wants to better himself, then insha'Allah , Allah swt will listen to his repentance and there may be just one amazing quality in Imran that the Almighty accepts.

However, the 2 scenarios are for the youth of today to make understand, that make sure your youth is used in the best possible way of striking a good balance of deen and duniya, making sure you keep away from haraam.

The choice is yours.. What will your conscious do to you when you are 40?

Will you feel positive and happy just like Kashif, or will you live in regret just like Imran? The choice is yours.. And Allah swt knows best

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Dreamlife said...

"What will your conscious do to you when you are 40?" - and that's if you even LIVE to be never knows when life will end.