Friday, February 10, 2012

Prisioner #650

Prisoner #650 to us you are known as a flower - the World knows her as Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

A loving mother, wife, daughter sister, a doctor, a Haafizah above all else she's a Muslimah

There was once a flower named Aafia so beautiful yet so heartbroken

She was bright, colorful and intelligent known for a soft speech and demeanor

Emanating words that are true and fragrant

A sad soulless day this flower amongst flowers was cruelly snatched

By the enemies of Islam who came from the west

They were dispatched with such agility - Where no one knew what happened next

She was plucked out, from amongst the gardens of the innocent

While her diminutive seedlings disappeared within an instant

They crushed her beneath their unsightly boots

Destroying her beauty which shook her roots!

She withers away, the longer we ignore her plight day by day

In captivity she is left to lay - the brutality so severe no reality can confer

The enmity to lie covering up their actions

Nay I say - Our Allah is Merciful, Our Allah is Great

Surely He know her innocence she proclaims

The world may not believe - but we do Oh Sister Aafia - we do indeed

What has our sister done to deserve such tyranny?

We cry and plead to the Almighty - Lord of the Universe, free our sister - free our sister

To the captors How can you torture and disgrace innocent believers?

Do you not deny the Lord and His justice?

Remember by throwing away her Qura'an you are doing nothing but evil

You cannot take the Qura’an away from her - Nay

For it is buried deep within her heart, truth always defeats falsehood!

Allah will grant this flower the gardens of Jannah-ul-Firdowse, Aameen

For such is the reward for this role model of mine

Dear Aafia We Salute, you are in our Dua'as, our thoughts and in our hearts...your tears are ours and your pain is heartfelt.

We will not rest until you are amongst us....Oh Allah! We make Dua'a that our sister Aafia may be released. May Allah in His infinite mercy and wisdom see you through these trying times - We make Dua'a for Allah to save you from the hands of the wicked, Aameen – Thummah Aameen ~ Ya Rabb-ul-Aaleemen

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