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Pious Woman Teaches Man Etiquette

Muhammad ibn Sulaiman al-Qurashi says that he was once walking on the road to Yemen when he came across a young boy who was standing on the road. He was wearing earings, and each earing contained a jewel which made his face shine. He was singing some couplets in the praise of Allah.

Muhammad continues : "I went up to him and greeted."
He replied, "I will not return your greeting until you fulfil the right I have upon you."
I replied, "What right are you talking about?"
He replied, "I follow the teachings of the friend of Allah, Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam. I do not have breakfast nor supper

every day until I walk a mile or two in search of a guest."

I accepted his invitation for a meal. He was exceedingly pleased and I followed him. We continued walking until we
came to a tent made of animal hair. As we walked up to it he called out, "O my sister!"
From inside the tent a young girl replied, "Yes. I am present."
He exclaimed, "Our guest has arrived."
She replied, "Can you please wait a while so that I can express gratitude to Allah for sending a guest to us."

She then proceeded to perform two rakaats of Salaah expressing her appreciation to Allah. The young boy then ushered me towards the tent. I entered and he made me sit down. He took a knife and proceeded to slaughter a goat.

As I was sitting in the tent my gaze fell upon the young girl. She was exceedingly beautiful. I continued staring at her stealthily.

She noticed my glances and said, "Please stop! Do you not know that the master of Yathrib, the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, has mentioned that a lustful gaze is adultery of the eyes. I do not wish to rebuke you, but I would like to teach you some etiquette so that you do not cast a gaze towards me again."

When it was time to sleep, my young host and I slept outside while the young girl slept in the tent. But, the entire
night I could hear somebody reciting Quran in a mellodious and sweet voice. When morning dawned upon us I
asked the young boy, "Whose voice was that?"

He answered, "That was my sister. She remains awake the entire night."
I remarked, "Young boy, you should have remained awake the entire night instead of her. Being a woman she is

naturally weaker than you."
He smiled and said, "Do you not know that Allah has blessed her with doing so and has not granted me the same

blessing." (Rawdhatul Uqala)

May Allah Ta'ala be pleased with such sterling Muslim women whose remarkable anecdotes grace the pages of Islamic history. Their beauty is true beauty. Film actresses and fashion models whose lives revolve around sin are but stones compared to these gems.

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