Friday, June 26, 2009

A Point to Ponder on this Jummah

As-Salaamu-Alaikum & Jummah Mubarak

I make Dua'a that you are all in the best of health and Imaan. You can't get away from the news of the death of Michael Jackson ~ news spread across the World like wildfire, put the TV on its' headline news, surf the net it’s the 1st thing you see and the next few weeks are going to be dominated by the world mourning this Singer.

So, the question to ask yourself now: Who will be Next? Me or You? What is our direction in life and are we truly focused for the hereafter and the entrance of the grave? Look at this man, he had everything, from cars to mansions and fame. What's left? Nothing. He won’t be taking his bank balance, his cars or his mansion with him.

We really need to be focused on what we are doing in this world. It has now become so competitive that we have become more and more materialistic, family values and respect no longer exist and we can’t forgive each other. Why? Think about it.

Blood brothers ands sisters are no longer in talking terms because the Shaitaan has overcome our minds due to jealousy, greed and ignorance.Its not worth it…you are not going to take anything with you except your good deeds, your prayers, your fasting and your intentions. Purify your heart now.

Lead a simple life. Don’t plan far too much ahead. Don’t end up working all your life so hard that you forget to give to the poor and needy and you have become isolated from your family due to financial ambitions. Who knows if you will even make it to 50? Allah (swt) knows best.

Michael Jacksons death should now bring us up to a Wake Up call. Go to the Masjid, sit on your Mussallah make Taubah Namaz and ask your creator for forgiveness. Make the intention for Hajj. Help the poor and needy. Do something much more positive in life that will save you from the Azaab (torment) of the Qabr (grave). Read your daily Salaah, Read the beautiful words of the Qura'an, Adhere to the Sunnah of our Beloved Nabi (SAW) and do something for your Aakirah (hereafter). Go to your brothers and sisters, ask for Maaf now and do it for the sole pleasure of Allah (swt)... Forgive and forget.

Remember the Ummah of Nabi (saw), the sick, weak, oppressed as well as our Marhoomeen in your Dua'as...

Fi amaanillah (I leave you in the protection of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala)

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