Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Al Qura'an

Salaams All,

If you have some free time do go to this website http://www.quranexplorer.com/quran/

It is quite awesome. You can choose the Surah you would like to read, the meaning is there, and you can also play it, by listening to the person who is reading the verse and the translation is given as well. Quite beautiful, I must say.

This is absolutely brilliant. May the Almighty shower you with His richest of Blessings, Inshallah.

Say (O Muhammad to mankind). "If the sea were ink for (writing) the Words of my Lord, surely, the sea would be exhausted before the Words of my Lord would be finished, even if we brought (another sea) like it for its aid." Al-Quran (Sura18:V 109)


KiLLa said...

Bril link..
Esp before the blessed month..
The blog world needs more ppl like you..

If ppl want bayaans and stuff i have tons of links for free downloads..

Pop me a mail if interested..

Princess said...

Jazakallah for the kind words aand for stopping by...

Will e-mail you in a bit.