Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jamiat Appeal for Funds

Jamiat Appeal for Funds

The Jamiatul Ulama, South Africa - the oldest ulama organization of South Africa - has been serving the community for the past 84 years. It has 7 provincial branches.The Jamiatul Ulama has various departments such as education, relief, hilaal notification, halaal supervision, social welfare, dawah, ifta and counseling. It also responds to local and international crises. The Jamiatul Ulama ensures that all zakaah monies are spent in accordance with the laws of Shariah.

All of our activities are made possible by your continuous generous contributions. We appeal, in this blessed month of Shaba'an and Ramadaan, for donations towards the activities of the Jamiat. You will, Inshallah, share in the reward of all the activities.

Kindly deposit your contributions in to the following account: Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal, Nedbank Fordsburg, A/c No. 1953 285 937; Branch code: 195305, and fax your deposit slip to (011) 373 8022, clearly stating whether the contributions are either Lillah or Zakaah.

Please assist if you can, Jazakallah

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