Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In Light of Sha'be Bara'at - The Night of Power

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent & the Merciful
Praise and Salutations upon the Seal of Prophethood Nabi Muhammad Mustafa'a (Sallauhu Alayhi Wassalam)
It is on this night (Laylat-ul-Bara'at) that the plan of every human being is designed. Death, life, wealth, respect, disgrace and all other aspects of life is prepared on this very night. It is also on this auspicious evening the Almighty Allah forgives the sins of believers.
On this night - the Night of Power, Allah (in His dignity and might) descends to the first heaven and announces:
Is there anyone of you who seeks my forgiveness? So that I may forgive him
Is there anyone who seeks providence (rizq)? So that I may provide for him
Is there anyone who seeks good health? So that I may give him good health

This proclamation continues until dawn.
On this auspicious eve it is important to visit the Qabrastan to make Dua'a pray for our near and dear ones. It is advisable to read Surah Ikhlaas 11 times and thereafter send the blessings to all deceased.

It is on this night of 15th Shaba'an when the Angels of Death (Malikal Maut) is being presented with the list of names whose souls shall be removed in this coming this year. Yet humanity tends to be unmindful...HOW UNFORTUNATE IS MAN KIND??!

Woe! Unto these people who will not receive the forgiveness of Allah (swt) on this auspicious night:
Mushrik – person who ascribes partners to the Almighty Allah (swt)
A person who has cut off family ties.
One that is disobedient to their Parents

Brothers, Sisters, Family and Friends PLEASE make DUA'A for all those who are sick and ailing
Remember one day we too will have to leave this world, so make Dua'a for the Ummah as well as for all the Marhooms.

Before the night of Bara'at (15th Shabaan) dawns upon us, I wish to take this opportunity to ask you for Maaf if ever I have said anything wrong or hurtful to hurt your feelings in any way (be it intentionally or unintentionally) or never kept a promise or fulfilled a task for you as a friend or family member!! I know I am guilty of this, please make me Maaf.

Remember my family & I, in your Dua'as, as I will remember you & yours in mine and may all our Dua'as be accepted INSHALLAH!

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